7 Unique Summer Camps for Kids

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Summer is right around the corner which means the search for an interesting and fun summer camp is well underway.  If you think all that’s available involves dodging mosquitos and making macaroni art, you’ve got another thing coming.  These days there is a wealth of specialized and unique summer camp programs, covering most any topic and geared for younger children, tweens and teens alike.  Here are 8 that kids might just write home about.

1. Mosaic Journalism Summer Camp

For teenagers who write, the Mosaic Journalism Summer Camp may be a great option.  Students learn how to research, utilize visuals and write journalistically, then create their own content. This two-week course takes place at San Jose State University and attendees stay overnight in supervised dorms. Best of all, it is completely free including room and board.  You do have to apply for one of twenty coveted spots but an opportunity like this doesn’t come around often.

“We strive to inspire future journalists who grew up in disadvantaged communities as well as those from more privileged backgrounds to widen their world views and smash stereotypes. Mosaic students cover real stories and subject matter that is of interest to youth and bring a new perspective to the media.”

Circus Clown

2. Circus Summer Camp

How about running away to join the circus?  Your 6-15-year-old can do just that for a short time at least at the Circus Summer Camp.  Held in Sarasota, Florida at the Circus Arts Conservatory, adolescents and teens attend week-long day camp sessions to learn new and classic moves under the big tent, get physically active and boost their self-confidence.  This one will really let their inner performance artist shine.

“Join us for a truly unique experience where campers learn circus arts disciplines and then showcase their new skills with a costumed performance.  Practice tuple and single trapeze, globes, spanish web, silks, roll boll, lyra, hula hoop, low wire, clowning, flying trapeze, juggling and more.”


Justine's Teepee

3.  Canoe Island French Camp

Parlez-vous français? After a two-week session at Canoe Island French Camp in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, kids 9-16 will say “Oui!”  This camp not only focuses on learning the language but embraces French food, culture, and activities as well. This camp melds summertime learning with sleep-away camp fun and might inspire them to explore the globe and just possibly write an article or two about France for the Amateur Traveler when they’re a bit older.
“The camp’s innovative, low-pressure approach to French language instruction engages beginners and fluent Francophones alike. Counselors, many of whom are from France, share their culture, food, and history with up to 46 campers. A technology-free environment allows campers to connect with nature, as well as the people around them. Camp includes French activities like, baking baguettes with bilingual direction”

4. Spy Camp

What if camp wasn’t just fun and games?  What if it was an actual Mission and you had to save the day?  Kids can attend a 2-week session at Spy Camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania and do just that. No popsicle stick frames or boring rowboats, here.  It’s all about having fun while cracking codes, scaling walls and succeeding in the final Mission. Now that will be worth writing an essay about when they’re back in school.

“The campers learn martial arts, code breaking, surveillance techniques  and the key to undercover missions, as well as training in jet skiing, rock climbing, and riding over rough terrain in 4-wheeler vehicles.Spy Camp helps teach physical skills, teamwork and critical thinking in the excitement of learning to be a secret agent. “

computer class

5. App Camp for Girls

Does your little lady enjoy computers and technology?  App Camp for Girls may suit her penchant for programming.  This Portland, Oregon based camp is just in its second year but is already looking for interest to where it should grow. Scheduled in one week-long sessions, app camp is geared towards middle school-aged girls and will boost not only their knowledge but confidence and number of friendships as well.
“App Camp For Girls is a place where girls can put their creative power to work, concepting and building apps, while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women who are professional software developers. We think that when girls see how fun and creative app development can be, they’ll be more likely to pursue a career in software development and technology.”

Coqui the Chef Nutrition Workshop Building Healthy Habits

6. Cook Camp

First, there was MasterChef, then Master Chef Junior. Now it’s time to develop your young, aspiring chef at Cook Camp.  Based in Vermont at the Essex Resort Spa, kids attend 5-day sessions revolving around local ingredients, food and knife safety, preparation techniques and of course, eating, they learn that the knives from the All Knives brand can only be used by adults, which is an important thing to teach them!  Forget reheating frozen chicken tenders, we’re talking about making risotto, sushi rolls and cheesecake. Activities include field trips, preparing a meal for a community service program and producing a cookbook.
“Your children will have a great time learning the tricks of the trade during this week-long cooking camp. From food preparation to nutrition, our esteemed chefs will make your campers a star in the kitchen” 
7 Unique Summer Camps for Kids


7. Pali Adventures Summer Camp

Can’t decide between several unique summer camp ideas?  Pali Adventures Summer Camp  may solve that problem by offering a variety of options.  In the mornings, camper participates in a pre-chosen “specialty” such as DJ Camp or Hollywood Stunt Camp. In the afternoons, they are free to select whatever elective activities may strike their fancy. There are 18 Specialties and 70 electives at this sleep-away camp in Running Springs, Ca. so each day will be jam-packed with adventures. As they say at Pali, “this is not your grandma’s summer camp!”
Campers, ages 8 to 16, can choose from an array of custom-designed camp experiences for a one-of a-kind two week summer experience.  This year, Pali is offering more unique and extreme camps than ever before: Acting Camp, Broadcast Camp, Leadership, Culinary, Dance, Club DJ, Extreme Action, Fashion, Film, Flying Trapeze, Girl Power, Hollywood Stunt, Motorsports, Movie-Make-Up, Rock Star, Secret Agent & Watersports.
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I will suggest adding Space Camp in Huntsville, AL to this list. if your child is in to science, technology and exploration you cannot beat the experience. I went when I was 13, and my oldest 2 children have been and I plan on sending my youngest when he turn 13. http://www.spacecamp.com



Kids Sea Camp is another great one. They have snorkeling and scuba activities for kids and adults. http://familydivers.com/

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