Weird and Wonderful: Alternative Options for a Night in London

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Spending an evening in London doesn’t mean you have to conform to the typical schedule of a nice meal in the city centre followed by a theatre production. With so many weird and wonderful delights in store if you know where to look, you could have a very different experience that you will remember forever.

With a myriad of affordable hotels centrally located, you can be sure that your  city break in London doesn’t cost extortionate prices before you even set foot out of your hotel room, meaning that, instead, you can spend your hard earned cash on an interesting event that is different from the norm.

London Night Time Shots


The first rule about Gingerline is you don’t talk about Gingerline. If you’re looking for a dining experience with a little added pizzazz and mystery, Gingerline is it. Surrounded in anonymity and secrecy, the location of this enigmatic evening is unknown. For £50 per head, you can enjoy a five course meal and welcome cocktails, with live entertainment and plenty of fun.
Once you have booked your place on the evening, you will be told to hover around one of the overground stations between Highbury and Crystal Palace, around 6pm. From there, you will be sent a text message with details of where to go to begin your top secret night.
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Medieval Banquet

Nestled in the heart of St Katherine’s Dock, near Tower Bridge, is this fantastic alternative treat. Dress up, or dress down, and be part of the medieval celebrations. Take the steps down into the underground cavern, where King Henry VIII watches over proceedings, providing you with a typical medieval dinner, presented by traditional serving wenches.

Complete with typical courtyard entertainment, including jesters, dancers and contortionists, this wonderful evening is an absolute must-do at some point. Be sure to grab a picture with the regal Henry himself!

Torture Garden

Give yourself a reason to dress the part and head for the largest body art and fetish club in London. With monthly events at various London venues and a plethora of live entertainment including burlesque cabaret, fashion shows and body rituals, Torture Garden is definitely an eye-opening experience.

The Box Soho

The self acclaimed “theatre of varieties” which opened in 2011, The Box Soho provides a multitude of live stage entertainment, including burlesque and cabaret shows and is extremely popular with high-brow guests such as Prince Harry and Zara Phillips, as well as A-list celebrities.

You can expect rather unusual acts, including explicit performances, which add to the controversy that emerges occasionally. If you want something a little eclectic, to wow, stun and shock, this is the place for it. The nights open at 11pm and go on till at least 4am; an ideal end to a night on the town.

Whether you’re after an alternative to a club night or a posh dinner, London will have the answer. As one of the most diverse and “underground” cities in the world, there are plenty of experiences waiting for you to sample which deviate from the norm. Book your hotel in the city and dare to be different.

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