A First Timer’s Guide To Cruising In Mexico: Planning And Money-Saving Tips 

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Cruising to Mexico

Going to Mexico for the first time is a monumental and memorable experience. All those days and nights trying to look for a reasonable package have paid off. You’ve been planning and saving for this vacation for a long time, and it’s finally coming together. So, what’s next?

Like any other holiday, going on a cruise to Mexico takes days of careful planning and preparation. The day of the cruise is coming, and once it does, there’ll be no turning back. It’s time to get your sunscreen, cameras, and aviator sunglasses ready for this amazing trip. The journey starts now, for the next week or two, so you have to be fully in it to enjoy it.

Like you, thousands of other travelers have also placed Mexico on their travel list. Finding helpful information on cruising in Mexico and travel tips to enjoy excursions in Cabo San Lucas or other ports of call will help you make the most of your vacation. Therefore, it’s up to you to make the best use possible of the resources at your disposal.

This could be the trip of a lifetime, so it has to be nothing short of perfect. This comprehensive travel guide allows you to turn that dream into a reality.

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Tips When Planning A Cruise To Mexico

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Prebook All The Extra Activities Before You Leave Home

Don’t wait until you’re on the cruise before you schedule your shore excursions. Indeed, you’ll be given a schedule of onboard and daytime activities to engage in after booking. Given the vast expanse of cruise activities on board, you’ll never be bored when you’re on the cruise.

Meanwhile, waiting until the last minute to book activities can stress your cruising days. The availability of activities may run out immediately, especially if the cruise is fully booked. Pre-booking cruise activities will ensure your slot while giving you all the time to enjoy them once you’re on board. There’s no more planning and fretting about it.

Moreover, pre-booking the activities you want to do allows you to have some structure to your day. If you don’t fancy just staying in your room, you have booked activities at certain times. You’ll never have to feel like you’ve just wasted your days lying in bed doing nothing, particularly when on holiday.


Pack For A Few Cold Sea Nights

While in Mexico, you’ll most likely be greeted by warm and good weather. But this may not always be the case at night, especially when sailing in winter and spring. This means you must also be ready with a few clothing pieces to keep you warm for the colder nights, both at sea and while roaming around Mexico.

Your resort wear will do for the day trips. Come sunset; it’s best to have a cardigan, shawls, or scarves to keep you warm. Don’t let the drop in temperature stop you from enjoying Mexico at night. Its nightlife is also an experience you’d never want to miss out on.

Prepare All Your Travel Documents Early

Like most countries, traveling to Mexico requires a valid passport. However, it would be better to check if your passport is valid for at least six months after your return from Mexico. This timeframe is also what’s observed by many countries. You wouldn’t want to be held up in Mexico for having questionable or incomplete travel documents.

In addition, you can check with the cruise and tour providers regarding other necessary travel documents. It’s also prudent to have your vaccine cards ready to avoid undergoing an RT-PCR or antigen test. The rules can change abruptly, so it’s best to be prepared.

Furthermore, supporting documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates, among others, are also worth bringing along. You can also have all your booking reservations ready in case you’re asked to show those to immigration upon arrival at the airport.

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Research The Current Exchange Rate

It would be best to research the current exchange rate for the Mexican peso in advance. Local Mexicans are usually nice and friendly to tourists. But, like in any other country, there could still be those who may take advantage of you. When you know the current exchange rate, you can determine whether or not the offer is reasonable.

Mexico appeals to many tourists, but its crime rate can also be worrisome. Therefore, you have to be on your guard for any shady offers. On the other hand, you should know that you don’t have to be too stressed about exchanging money as soon as you arrive.

Did you know that many establishments all over Mexico also accept US Dollars? You’ll only need Mexican pesos for the smaller shops, peddlers, tipping, and when you’re purchasing souvenirs. It would also help to learn a few Spanish words like ‘Gracias’ for thank you and ‘Por favor’ for please.

Lastly, don’t be overly reliant on your credit card. Even if you’ve informed your bank that you’ll be using it abroad, it may take a few days before your request can be processed. Hence, it’s not surprising that your credit card is denied when you arrive in Mexico. Have some cash ready first while you wait for your credit card to work.

Pack A Carry-On Bag

Like any other cruise, you’ll typically be able to board and reach your room before your luggage even arrives. While waiting, you’ll at least want to have your essentials. This is the reason why you should consider packing a carry-on bag. Also, have photocopies of your travel documents, a set of clothes for a quick change, bathroom essentials, and other personal belongings you need.

If you’re traveling with kids, pack their swimming clothes in your carry-on so they can jump into the ships’s pool even as you wait for your bags. You’ll avoid the hassle of dealing with anxious children who are eager to jump into the pool.

Create A List And Pack Early

Once you have your cruise booked and the itinerary planned out, it’s now time to create a list of items you’ll bring on your holiday so you can start packing. It’s best not to wait until the last minute to do this. Pack early, so you surely have everything you need for the cruise.

As you draft your packing list, research the places you’ll also visit, as shown on your itinerary. Some historical or religious sites may be where your skin-bearing cruise resort attire isn’t acceptable. Take note that Mexico is a predominantly conservative Roman Catholic country.

Furthermore, avoid dressing provocatively when you’re on the mainland. This way, you can avoid offending the locals. On the other hand, some excursions may also mean hiking and walking, so you’ll want to be dressed appropriately. Most importantly, don’t forget formal wear for evening galas or dinners while on the cruise.

Cruising to Mexico

Tips To Save Money During Your Cruise

One of the most common misconceptions about planning a cruise vacation is that it’s great only for those with fat bank accounts. This may be true, such that you’d want to have extra money with you while on holiday. However, you can still enjoy a cruise even on a budget.

Therefore, applying some of the best money-saving tips is essential. That way, you don’t overspend while on board or during each stop. Significantly, this will also help you stay within your budget while on vacation.

Here are some tips to help you save money:

Consider Booking Through A Travel Agent

Booking with a travel agent comes with many perks, including the chance of obtaining discounts. You can choose either from a physical travel agent or an online one, and the availability would still be the same. The only deciding factor that makes a significant difference is the reputation and quality of the travel agent. Don’t skimp on this.

You can catch a few discounts here and there when booking with a travel agent, given how many of them are affiliated with cruise companies. They have exclusive deals, offers, and incentives you may not enjoy when booking on your own.

Sign Up For Emails

Create a separate email account for all your subscriptions so that all emails containing cruise packages and offers won’t flood your main account. Subscribing to travel websites and their bargains is something you probably haven’t given much thought to before. However, it could end up being well worth your time.

Businesses like cruise companies often notify their subscribers first when they release new packages, deals, and offers. Being one of the first to be alerted to those deals ensures their availability.

If these package deals appeal to you, you can book them right away before they sell out. Depending on how soon you’re traveling to Mexico, that specific deal that applies to your trip may not be offered again.

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Book Your Own In-Land Tours

Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that an all-inclusive cruise is always the best and the cheapest. Run your numbers before actually opting for this easy way. If you don’t mind researching on your own and booking your private tours during each stop in Mexico, you can score better deals yourself.

Likewise, it isn’t just about the cost savings. It’s also a matter of comfort, particularly if you’re traveling with older family members or young kids. It’s much more convenient to be in your small tour group rather than join the other cruise passengers on the same tours.

There are hundreds of tour options across Mexico for each town, city, or attraction you’re stopping in. It pays to dedicate time to search for what you prefer. Plus, doing so also allows you to visit and see those locations and sights you like, which may not be covered in the all-inclusive tour package of the cruise you’re taking.

Purchase A Travel Insurance Policy

Not long after you’ve booked your Mexican cruise, you should now look for a travel insurance policy to purchase. Mexico is always a lovely country to visit, but a word of caution is that it’s also not the safest. Depending on where you’re heading off to, the healthcare may not be as top-notch as it is in the USA, for instance, if that’s where you’re from.

So, just in case anything happens to you or any family member, consider yourselves warned. Significantly, your best umbrella of protection against untoward expenses is the availability of a travel insurance policy. It’s best to have a travel insurance policy that covers lost valuables due to unforeseen situations because theft is rampant in Mexico.

Check if the medical coverage includes transporting the sick or injured from Mexico to your home country if this extreme situation happens. It may be impossible, but you’ll want to prepare financially for unforeseen expenses. Otherwise, you’re left with no choice but to shoulder out-of-pocket costs, which can be pretty hefty.

Research Your Credit Card Perks

If you’re dependent on your credit card, as you rarely pay cash, check out the perks you have. These may come in after you’ve booked your airfare to Mexico if you have to travel by plane and all the other reservations. It’s a good idea to see if earning extra miles or points is worth the hefty price tag before you set off.

Who knows, you can avail airline upgrades for your flight to Mexico or meal vouchers while you’re there. Whatever they may be, every single perk counts.

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Be Ready To Jet Set Off To Mexico

Choosing Mexico as one of your top cruise destinations is an excellent idea. Depending on your cruise’s itinerary, there’s much to do and see all over Mexico. Mexico is a country brimming with culture, history, art, and so many more things to see, both for kids and adults alike.

After going through this guide, you should feel more confident about setting off on this Mexican cruise. Now all that’s left for you is to book that cruise, pack, and have the time of your life.

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