Blackpool International Firework Competition

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The US has Orlando, the French have the Riviera, Spain has the Costa Brava whilst us Brits have Blackpool. Not quit fair but there you go!

Blackpool is known for a lot of things, some good, some not so good. If you are 18 to 30 then the nightlife is great, if you have grown out of the age of getting plastered and making a complete twat of yourself , what is there for you to do in Blackpool? unfortunately I can’t answer that question as I am still at the age of getting plastered and making a complete twat of myself however, I am sure there is plenty of things to be doing for real grown ups holidaying in Blackpool!

Blackpool Fireworks Competition

Blackpool's Best Kept Secret

When I first started going to Blackpool for short breaks it was always during the summer period, with a few mates looking for a good weekend, last year my parents asked if I wanted to go in September, I said why not, nothing better than a free break away from the day to day stresses of life, that’s when I discovered Blackpool’s best kept secret. The Blackpool International Firework Competition, this is where I saw the most impressive fireworks display I have ever witnessed for real. I do have a video that I recorded on my phone that I would loved to have shared however I don’t think it would have done the competition any justice as it is of poor quality.

If you are like me and like spectacular shows then this is definitely something to think about, you get the best of both worlds here, a great fireworks spectacle knowing it is party time at the end.

The competition runs in September every year however, I don’t know exact dates so I won’t say just in-case. I know this is something real grown ups will love however it remains to be seen if they will plan there entire holidays around it. I hope I have passed on something that would never have known about, I know I had never heard of it before hand. Go, admire and enjoy.

Fireworks in Blackpool

Blackpool's Best Kept Secret

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