Book Review – Wanderlust and Lipstick: For Women Traveling to India

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Granted, not being a woman, I am not the target audience for this book, but I thoroughly enjoyed Beth Whitman’s guide to India. This is not a guidebook to the individual sites but more a strategy book for how to tackle India. It guides you through:

  • what to pack
  • how to secure your valuables
  • what you did with your left hand back there in the toilet
  • why you should sit on your left hand at the dinner table
  • how to dress and comport yourself

Some of the information in the book is definitely targeted at women, but I found much of it to be useful to me as well. I have often been told by travelers that India is a challenging country. A first time visitor would be well advised to consult a tool like this book before their first trip to India.

For more about traveling to India as a woman listen to the recent interview with Beth Whitman on the Amateur Traveler podcast.

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by Chris Christensen

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