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Travel to Chad - A Week Long Itinerary (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Chad as the Amateur Traveler talks to Francis Tapon about his travel to Chad as part of a 5 and a half year journey to all 54 countries in Africa.

Francis came back from his travels with video for a documentary, material for a book, at least two strains of Malaria and a wife.

Francis says of Chad, “A lot of people are just not interested in going to Nigeria, Somalia, Central African Republic, Congo or even Gabon. Obviously Chad is for ‘advanced travelers’. In other words, people who have already done the Louvre and they want a little bit more than Venice. They want to step it up a notch and step up the intensity or the interestingness or the outworldliness. Back in the day when you and I were children just traveling to another state was a crazy different experience but nowadays with chain stores, chain restaurants and chain everything, there’s not as much variety. The original reason why a lot of people traveled 100 years ago was to get really out of their comfort zone and try something wild and different. Nowadays you have to travel either further or in weirder places and Chad is one of those places.”

Chad is enormous. It is about 9 times the size of New York state, a bit bigger than 3 times the size of California. There is terrible infrastructure. The main road across the country is sand so your progress is slower. It might take you 2 weeks to cross from one end of the country to another. At any moment the city water or power may cut out. 

Lake Chad is near the capital of N’Djamena. With only a week you will pretty much have to see just these two places.

You will need to get a visa which is good for 30 days. To see more of the country you will need more time. Francis recommends using more of that 30 days with a visit to the Tibesti Mountains in the northern part of the country. If you have more time add in the northeastern part of the country and if you have more time explore the south.

Most of Chad is desert. The Tibesti Mountains have the largest mountain in the Sahara which is the volcano Emi Koussi. Francis climbed it, but when you hear about his trip… you may not want to follow in his footsteps.

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Show Notes

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Diane wrote about Botswana Safari – Episode 639

I really enjoyed that podcast. I felt like I was there with the sounds of the animals and the excitement when that lion sauntered by camp!

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Chris 2x is an OG!!

5 stars in iTunes by Mateojames1111 from USA

I had the opportunity to chat with Chris and he is the real deal in the travel world. Not only is he well-traveled but he’s authentic and careful about sustainability. He truly is one of the veterans in the industry and has paved the way for others. Great work Chris, keep it up!

A quick correction.

4 stars in iTunes by WoodIslandSoul from Canada

Hi, this is a great episode. I look forward to exploring this area during a US trip in the upcoming Spring. A quick correction, the name of the Serbian artist mention is not Maria Abramovich, it is Marina Abramovich, two different names. I am from the area and the difference is more than just a letter. Just throwing that out there. Thanks:)

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Travel to Chad - A Week Long Itinerary (Podcast)

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