Datajack – Unlimited Mobile Internet $39.99, No Contract

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datajackI just got this letter today from Rick:

in your last episode of This Week in Travel you spoke about MiFi (verizon) and WiMax ( and others.

For me, MiFi is too slow, and wimax does not have good coverage in my areas. And specially the data plans are a deal breaker for me.

So, for the above reasons, I see the new iPad with 3G a very good option. The $130 for the 3G models is like buying the modem, and the pay-as-you-go for the data plan is very flexible.

Another interesting option that I ran into at the Consumer Electronic Show was the Datajack. Like the iPad it has a more flexible pricing plan and works with your laptop. (From my laptop I can share my internet connection with my other devices).

The DataJack is a USB modem that provides high speed internet access nationwide. The DataJack works on any PC or MAC computer and can also be used to store up to 8 Gigabytes of music, videos and backup files.

The DataJack USB modem costs $99.99 and unlimited, high speed, nationwide internet access costs only $39.99 per month. Because there are no activation or termination fees and no contract, you can turn the service on and off as you wish.

DataJack Bonus:

If you stay connected for 12 consecutive months, you will earn one FREE month of unlimited 3G Internet access!

Datajack has cradle to make this into a device like the MiFi which will allow you to share internet but perhaps in the future they will provide a more elegant solution. It does use the AT&T 3G network so it won’t work as well in areas like New York and San Francisco where that coverage is impacted. But if you are an occasional road warrior who travels one month but is home the next, this might be an interesting option.

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VERY interesting – we’re always checking abt internet – thanks!



Never heard of this system before. Thanks for the tip.. my sprint stick is very expensive!

William R. Cousert


The offer no longer exists. It’s now $49.99 per month for five gigabytes and additional gigabytes are $33.00

Classic bait and switch. Avoid them at all cost.

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