Solo Travel as a Woman – Episode 107

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Sherry Ott, Ottsworld

The Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott ( about her year traveling solo as a woman, mostly in developing countries like Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, India, and Vietnam.

Why take a year off work in the middle of your career and if you do, why go to places where you can’t drink the water. Sherry heard the world calling to her and has not regretted it.

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Show Notes

Sherry’s blog at
Sherry’s pictures

Best Girls Trips Destinations

Intrepid travel

Internet Resources – language tutorials


Chris mentions the iTunes Enhanced version and pictures
Chris will be at the Podcast and New Media expo next week
Chris is looking for someone who gets the Acura magazine which mentioned the Amateur Traveler
Maurice makes a correction on Episode 102 on the Cinque Terra

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