Travel to Nicaragua – Episode 124

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Joshua Berman author of Moon Handbooks Nicaragua and Moon Living Abroad In Nicaragua about the “new Costa Rica” as some have called Nicaragua.

Learn about the land of volcanos and lakes, beautiful colonial cities, coffee plantations, baseball and more.

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Show Notes

Traveling Soon? These useful links will help you prepare for your trip.

Go to Nicaragua
Joshua’s pictures
Joshua Berman’s Website / Blog
Randy Wood, Joshua’s co-author
Moon Nicaragua
Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua
Augusto César Sandino
Managua, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua
Isla de Ometepe
Sandinista National Liberation Front
Nicaragua Canal
MataGalpa, Nicaragua
Morgan’s Rock Hacienda
Gallo Pinto
U.S. Marines in Nicaragua


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Internet Resources

Last month we interviewed Harry Pariser about his guidebook “Explore Costa Rica.” He has a free PDF update to the book on his website.

It has some of the new hotels and restaurants opened during the past year as well as recent events including the hike in park fees.


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Great show. The Moon Nicaragua is one of the best guides I’ve ever used.

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