Travel to the Everglades National Park in Florida – Episode 86

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Heidi about a college course set inn the Everglades, learn about crocodiles, alligators, birds or all kind, mangrove swamps and feral pythons.

Would you hike (wade) through the swamp like Heidi did?


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Show Notes

Photos of the Everglades

More about the “Ecology of Unique Environments” course
Everglades Nat’l Park
Big Cypress Nat’l Park
Fakahatchee Strand- Florida State Park- Ranger Programs (Swamp Tours)
The Everglades Restoration Plan -CERP
Friends of the Everglades
Salt Tolerant Plants
Marsh Rabbit
Telling a crocodile from a alligator

Internet Resources

12 Byzantine Rulers
Video Episode 14 – Istanbul – St Saviour in Chora – share your travel videos


Ann: Istanbul Archeology Museum
Monique’s letter
Discussion Boards

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Andrew Dye



Love the show, and listen avidly every week. However, the links to this week’s show (Everglades) both point to the .MLA file. Not being an iPodder myself, I use the .MP3 version.

If you can update the .MP3 link, that would be great!

Melbourne (Australia)



Oops, sorry about that. Thanks for pointing that out Andrew

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