Exploring Different Seasons in Paris, the Fascinating Capital of France

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Eiffel Tower

Paris, the alluring capital of France, is the hub of fashion, culture, art, and gastronomy. It’s well-known for being a cultural and romantic city. From the exotic café culture to the striking tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, and more, this city has lots to amaze its travelers.

Wondering what the different seasons in Paris are like? What’s the best season to go to Paris? What’s the best time to visit Paris? What spring in Paris is like, and is winter a good time to visit Paris? This article is for you. In it, we have answered these frequently asked queries in detail. Dive in to explore.

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Climate in Paris

Paris’ climate is continental and mild. The summers are occasionally hot, and the winters are not that cold. Its climate is greatly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.

The rainy season stretches throughout the years, with January being the cloudiest and December being the rainiest and coldest month. July is considered the hottest month in Paris, and March is the windiest one.

Sacre Coeur Paris

What’s the Best Time to Go To Paris?

Though Paris is a year-round destination, the best season to go to Paris is spring when the days are warm and long, the sun is bright, and you can enjoy wandering around like locals. However, expect to be welcomed with crowds and inflated prices as tourism in Paris is at its peak in spring.

Wondering if winter is a good time to visit Paris? Yes, it surely is if you are browsing for the cheapest time to visit Paris.

Let’s Explore the Beauty of Paris in Each Season. This section will take you through what different seasons in Paris are like, what to do to make the most of your trip, and more. Let’s dive in.

Fun Things to Do in Paris in Summer

Paris is more vibrant in summer, with the quenching heat ready to give travelers a nice tan. Most locals prefer going on holidays in summer, so you can skip crowds in this one of the best seasons to go to Paris. Here is what you should not miss enjoying your tour in one of the best seasons in Paris to the fullest.

View from Eifell Tower

Picnic In A Parisian Park ­

Visiting Paris and not going for a picnic seems un-relatable. From Jardin des Plantes to Parc du Champs de Mars, Paris boasts many picnic parks. The picture-perfect views from these parks will surely please your eyes.

Unwind on the Beach at Paris-Plage

Experience what it feels like to unwind at a beach in the heart of Paris while sunbathing. Paris City Hall organizes Paris-Plage at the banks of the Seine River. It’s an event that is held from July to August. The river embankments are converted into beaches by adding palm trees, umbrellas, sun-longer, and sand.

Seine Cruise

Go for a Seine River Cruise

Summer makes the best season in Paris for a Seine River cruise. In July and August, when the temperatures range between 16°C-25°C, cruising becomes an exotic activity to hook yourself in while exploring the historic landmarks of Paris; the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Louvres Museum, and more.

Arc de Triumph at night

Explore Nightlife in Paris

You can’t imagine how charmingly the City of Lights glows at night. The warm temperature in summer allows visitors to explore the nightlife. Besides capturing the picturesque views of landmarks, don’t miss wandering around in the streets, bar hopping, or lingering at cafes.

Galeries Lafayette

Don’t Skip Summer Sales

Are you a shopping enthusiast? The exclusive summer sales in Paris will surely fascinate you. Everyone knows Paris boasts famous designer stores. All these stores offer summer sales, making shopping more fun and cheaper. The expected sales range from 20% to even 60% off between June and July.

Attend Music and Cinema Festivals

Paris is known for being a festive city during the warm summer months. Large outdoor music festivals are held from mid-June to the end of August. The city hosts Fête de la Musique, Rock en Seine, Lollapalooza Paris, Paris Jazz Festival, etc.

Are you a movie lover? Don’t skip the chance to enjoy a movie day at the open-air cinema held on the lawn of the Parc de La Villette. You can watch a special selection of movies for free.

Paris in Winter

Exotic Things to Do in Paris in Winter

Let’s now answer the most asked query, is winter a good time to visit Paris? Yes, folks, as mentioned earlier, winter is the cheapest time to visit Paris. It’s also one of the best seasons in Paris if you want to avoid the tourists.

Enjoy Ice Skating

There’s no point in visiting Paris in winter without going ice skating. How could you skip enjoying those picturesque vistas while skating across in chilly temperatures? The Grand Palais has the most famous ice rink in Paris. If you love the Eiffel Tower and want to witness its beautiful views while skating, go ice skating at the Eiffel Tower’s ice rink.

Explore the Charm of Christmas Markets

Paris arranges several Christmas markets, mainly around famous landmarks, with the Eiffel Tower Christmas Market, the La defense Christmas market, the Notre Dame Christmas market, etc. You can enjoy buying souvenirs and hovering over different food stalls.

Attend the Paris Festival of Lights

The Paris Festival of Lights has contributed significantly to hyping Tourism in Paris. It is an utterly enjoyable tourist attraction. Surprisingly, the first edition of this festival received over 370000 visitors from over the globe in just two months. So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket online now.

Visit the Persian Museum

Winters are a great time to visit the Persian Museum of Paris, skipping long queues as Tourism in Paris is normally lowest in winter. You can leisurely walk around, having a look at striking artwork.

Though there are several museums, the must-visit ones include the Louvre Museum boasting the famous painting of the Mona Lisa, Musée d’Orsay showcasing the impressionist artwork of Claude Monet, and Centre Pompidou featuring stunning contemporary artwork.

Plan a Day Trip to Disneyland Paris

Nothing is more fun than getting lucky to witness the snow-capped peaks of the princess’ castle in Disney Land Paris. In winter, travelers can avail themselves of the chance to explore the famous Disney Land at their own pace, without the usual crowds. Spend your day riding over Disneyland rides and give it a perfect end by attending the illumination show.

Paris in Fall

Best Things to Do in Paris in Fall

What’s more relaxing than walking on the crunchy golden leaves in the crisp cool sunny days of Paris with a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Indeed, nothing.

Fall is when Parisians claim the city back from the summer tourists as they return from their summer trips. It won’t be wrong to say autumn in Paris brings the city’s second new year when it returns to work.

Are you planning to visit Paris this fall? Here are the best fun things to do in Paris to make the most of your trip.

Chase The Fall Foliage

You will surely love chasing the fall foliage in the parks of Paris and capturing the city’s natural beauty in fall colors. You can go to Luxembourg Gardens, Buttes-Chaumont, Jardin des Tuileries, or any other Paris park. For a most exotic experience, head to the forest on the outskirts of Paris, Bois de Boulogne.

Celebrate the New Wine Harvest

Paris hosts a couple of events every autumn to celebrate the new wine harvest. Fete des Vendanges, held in October, is a 5-day grape harvest celebration chiefly centered around the only remaining vineyard of Montmartre. You can also visit the Clos Montmartre vineyard and marvel at the collection of vintage wines.

Visit The Catacombs for The Spooky Season

Catacombs are the three hundred and twenty kilometers quirky long tunnels boasting the remnants of more than six million people. It’s the memorial for thousands of Persians whose bodies were reburied from the overflowing cemeteries of the 1720s. Visiting the catacombs during the spooky season will take your experience to another level.

Party Overnight at Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche celebrated on the first Saturday of October, is considered one of the biggest nights in Paris. Also known by the name White Night, it’s an overnight contemporary art festival. Almost all of the Paris galleries and museums hold this exhibition. From theatre performances to colorful projections and more, you get so much to enjoy in this night festival.

Paris in Spring

Fun Things to Do in Paris in Spring

Out of all the seasons in Paris, most tourists consider spring the best season to go to Paris. Besides the favorable climate, the beauty Paris features in the blooming spring is also why spring is the best season to go to Paris. Here is how you can enjoy spring in Paris in the best way.

Explore the Charm of Spring Blooms

Spring in Paris takes the charm of the City of Lights to the next level. It’s time when trees get wrapped in blossom, and vibrant flowery sheaths spread all over the grounds. Cherry blossoms are the main attraction for photography-loving tourists. You can visit floral displays in the city’s parks featuring the beauty of peonies, daffodils, tulips, etc.

Go for a Bike Tour

Plan a bike tour around the city and save a lot of your time. Wondering how? A bike tour in Paris will not only cost less but also save a lot of your time as you can explore many tourist attractions, skipping the crowds. It’s the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower and other tourist attractions.

Listen to Live Jazz Music

Are you a Jazz music lover? Touring Paris in spring presents the amazing opportunity to attend the annual Festival Jazz a Saint-Germain-des-Pres. This event has been held in the area for over 20 years. It includes arranging free and paid Jazz music shows with international names performing on stage.

Take in the Charm of Fountains at Versailles

One of the largest palaces in the world, the Palace of Versailles features 55 elaborate fountains spread over an area of 2000 acres. The Fountain Show takes place every Sunday and Saturday from May 3 to June 28. You can take a tour around the entire garden, ending at Neptune fountain to attend the grand finale. To skip the queues, we suggest getting a skip-the-line ticket.

Stature of Liberty Paris

Where is Paris Located?

Paris is located in the northern central region of France, in the heart of the Île-de-France region. Le Marias, Saint-German-des-Pres, Latin Quarter, and Les Halles are some striking Paris neighborhoods.

With a population of 2.16 million, Paris is France’s most populous city. This City of Lights is a dream destination for millions of travelers, making tourism a major income source.

How to Get to Paris?

Beauvais, Orly, and Charles de Gaulle are the three major airports in Paris. Out of these, Orly and Charles de Gaulle are the most used ones for international flights. These are located in the south and north of Paris, respectively. Beauvais is situated quite far to the north and is mainly used for budget flights.

Several major airlines operate flights to and from Paris, including American Airlines, Delta, and Air France. You can fly to Paris via direct flight from several European cities. A non-stop flight from London will land in Paris in just one hour and ten minutes.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have explained in detail what the different seasons in Paris are like and how you can spend your time exploring Paris in these seasons. After giving this article a quick read, you must have learned everything you need to make the most of your tour.

Planning your tour to Paris? Journey Connected will be your excellent buddy throughout, making your tour memorable. They will help you plan the best possible tour in your budget. What else do you need? Get in touch with them now.

Exploring Different Seasons in Paris, the Fascinating Capital of France #france #paris #fall #autumn #summer #sprint #winter #travel #vacation #trip #holiday Exploring Different Seasons in Paris, the Fascinating Capital of France #france #paris #fall #autumn #summer #sprint #winter #travel #vacation #trip #holiday 

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