Gadget Review – Retractable Cable Kit from Black Box

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I admit it. I am a gadget freak. When I travel my backpack is filled with electronics:  a laptop, iPad, iPhone, and at least a camera or two. And of course once you have gadgets you have cables. And once you have cables you have tangled cables.

So, I was interested when Black Box offered to send me a free Retractable Cable Kit to evaluate. This cable kit includes:

  • a CAT6 retractable cable
  • a USB LED light
  • a USB 2.0 Optical Mouse
  • a Retractable Network Power Cable

The Retractable Cable Kit sells for $26.95. Black Box also has a deluxe version of the kit which includes:

  • Retractable Stereo Earphones
  • a Retractable USB 2.0 A/B cable

Both kits come in a handsome foam lines leather case. The case is good looking but I don’t imagine it will find a place in my backpack because it is too bulky for me. Also since the Network Power cable won’t work with my MacBook Pro, I will be picking and choosing from which of these cables I will take with me. The CAT6 has an immediate home in my gear because of the number of hotels that have internet but only if you tether yourself very close to the desk. Also the USB LED light is just cool. I don’t generally use a mouse but I will be tempted to take this one just because it is nifty.

So the target user of these would be a Windows laptop mouse using person who wants to be connected to the network… in the dark.

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