Hike the Lycian Way in Turkey – Episode 420

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Hear about Hiking the Lycian Way in Southern Turkey as the Amateur Traveler talks to authors Warren and Betsy Talbot from MarriedWithLuggage.com about the month they spent hiking this amazing trail. The Lycian Way runs for a little over 500 km (not counting getting lost) from Fethiye in the west to Antalya in the east. We talk about their whole journey as well as segments people with much less time could hike.

The Talbots were challenged to tackle the Lycian Way by former Amateur Traveler guest Sherry Ott. They were looking for something fairly remote that not too many people do where they could camp under the stars along the way, enjoy beautiful scenery and take a break from their connected lifestyle.

“This is history. You are going to see thousands of years of history. You can go back 5,000 years from there. You have a variety of cultures. There is the Lycian culture itself but there are many Roman ruins that are truly impressive. There are places where you stumble through old tombs laying on the side of the trail. Really you are walking through things that should be cordoned off and protected. So you have that along with tiny forests, shear dropping cliffs, gorgeous Mediterranean, all of that together. It is quite different from the Camino [de Santiago] in that it is quite remote. There are days that we would walk 3 or 4 days in a row and we would not see another person on the trail. Everyday you are going to find a vista overlooking the sea, overlooking the mountains and you are going to be by yourself, immersed in history.”

“Every day you are going to see another ruin and there are days that you will sleep within them. There was an evening when we slept in an old Byzantine church that had been destroyed over 800 years. We spent an entire day and a night wandering around this ruin and no one came through… well, goats did.”

Warren and Betsy recommend using Kaç as a base for people who want to do day hikes of a portion of the trail or who even want to do as they did for a few days and sleep on a gulet (boat) by night and hike by day along the trail.

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Ernest Lane


When the talked about how there were ruins everywhere (“another ruin), I was reminded of the year I lived and worked in Cairo. After a while, all the pyramids and other large stone structures were “BFRs” — Big F’ing Rocks.



That is an amazing view! So jealous!

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