7 Exotic Island Running Routes

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The #runitfast hashtag has now hit 1.2 million posts on Instagram, so fitness expert Erny Peibst has mapped out running routes for all levels on some roads less travelled. Get away from it all and have a well deserved break, immersing yourself in the beautiful scenery and culture these islands have to offer.

From mountain peaks to sandy beaches our planet has some incredible landscapes to explore, so pack your bags and get ready to test your endurance on these exotic islands.


1. Running Route on Kauai, Hawaii

Known as the ‘Garden Island’ for its lush vegetation and steady rainfall, running on Kauai gives you an unbelievable opportunity to take in some stunning views of nature.

Not only is there remarkable scenery, but along the coast, Kauai is home to white-sand beaches that stretch out into the clear turquoise water of the North Pacific Ocean.

Tourists usually stick to the north of the Island, staying in places like Princeville so we’ve mapped out a route that will get you away from the busy tourist traps and allows you to take in all the treasures Kauai has to offer.

running route on Kauai

The route will take you on a scenic 4-mile run along ‘The Coconut Coast’ from Wailua to Kealia. The flat, red clay path stretches along coastal cliffs giving you stunning views of the Pacific on one side and of the island’s vegetation on the other. As you take a leisurely run along the track, you may even catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales in the waters below.

Réunion Island

2. Running Route on Réunion, near Madagascar

This tiny island off the coast of Madagascar is no bigger than Dorset but rises more than 10,000 ft above the ocean and is the perfect place for any dedicated runner to test their abilities.

Home to a truly untouched wilderness, the island was formed from 2 volcanoes (one of which is still active) that have created a heart-stopping natural beauty in the middle of the Indian ocean.

running route on Reunion Island

The route mapped out starts at the small island village, Piton Sainte-Rose. The coastal town has incredible views and is the perfect place to catch the sunrise if you want to start your run early.

The run totals 6.8 miles testing you on a range of terrain and revealing some breathtaking views along the way, not only of the Indian Ocean but then turning inland to the dense island vegetation.

About three-quarters of the way around you will also come across an unexpected treasure in the form of Anse Waterfalls. A stunning natural waterfall that climbs 15m high with a crystal clear pool at the bottom – the perfect place for you to stop and catch your breath.

*The waterfall is not on the trail and requires a slight detour. When you start to hear the sound of spraying water you will see a signpost for the waterfall with a small track that leads off the trail, take a short jog up and you will be blown away by this natural wonder.


Photo by James Donaldson on Unsplash

3. Running Route on Palaui, Philippines

Made up of over 7,000 islands, you could spend months enjoying all of the remote and wondrous running trails the Philippines has to offer.

If you only have a short amount of time for your trip then the one place you definitely need to go is Palaui. Located on the northeast tip of Luzon, the island is home to the nation’s capital and an international airport, it is incredibly easy to get to and well worth the 14-hour bus ride.

running route on Palaui, Philippines

The island is tiny but is home to an almost 6-mile trail called The Lagunzad Trail. The terrain is moderately difficult with some steep climbs up and down mountain peaks but the stunning scenery you get to take in along the route makes those burning climbs well worth it.

The island was declared a National Marine Reserve in 1994 and gives you the opportunity to explore many untouched sites from white sand beaches and hidden waterfalls to clifftop views of the Philippine Sea – everything you could want from a running holiday this island has to offer.

4. Running Route on Santorini, Greece

One of the longest and most talked about trails on Santorini goes from Fira to Oia; it’s a steady descent for the entire trail but nothing even an amateur runner couldn’t handle.

running route on Santorini

This is a great trail and really gives you a true taste of the Aegean experience. Starting at a picturesque port in Fira, it continues around the rim of the caldera to Oia on the southern tip of the island, passing through historic sights and Greek towns on the way.

The trail takes you along spectacular cliff-tops giving you a stunning view of the sparkling blue Aegean sea that stretches for miles ahead.


5. Running Route on Corsica, France

The French island of Corsica is home to one of the world’s most spectacular trails, the GR 20 that stretches across 111 miles.

The trail winds its way along the jagged center of Corsica’s mountain range. Despite the rugged and mountainous terrain, the trail is within the capabilities of most runners.

running route on Corsica

Your starting point is in Calenzana and the trail goes all the way down to Conca but the section mapped out is just 16 miles and ends in Haut-Asco. This northern part of the trail is great if you just want to go for a run rather than spend days trekking the length of the Island.

The entire trail is incredibly well marked with red and white blazes so there is no chance of you getting lost as you run through the breathtaking scenery.

Middleham Falls Dominica

6. Running Route on Dominica

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the jungle then Dominica is the place to go for your next ‘runcation.’ No poisonous snakes, no scary spiders, Dominica has some of the friendliest jungle in the world and the 115-mile Waitukubuli National Trail runs through it all.

Segment four of the trail stretches from Wotten Waven to Pont Casse and is a great place to get in your run.

Running route on Dominica

The trail is shadowed on either side by an abundance of towering trees, buttress roots, and dangling vines. One of the most spectacular waterfalls on the Island, Middleham Falls, is on this segment of the trail, the perfect place to stop and catch your breath or cool off and go for a swim.

The terrain is moderately difficult, regular rainfall means you might sometimes find yourself slipping and sliding down hills and the jungle landscape means you will have to watch out for tree roots and branches ready to trip you up as you go.

*There is a US$12.00 fee for a day pass to get on the trail.

Turks and Caicos

7. Running Route at Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos

If the jungle isn’t really your thing and you’d rather be running across white sand beaches at sunset then Turks and Caicos is probably the island for you.

Home to some of the clearest waters and softest white sand beaches you’re ever likely to find, Grace Bay beach is the crown jewel of the Caribbean.

Running route on Turks and Caicos

As you run along the beach looking out at the ocean, just a mile offshore you can see the protected reefs through the crystal clear water. The beach itself is always pristine (no rocks, seaweed or pollution in sight) and has been named the most breathtaking destination on the globe.

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