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myseatfinder.comI have not used yet but I wish I had thought of the idea. When I book a seat on a flight I sometimes get stuck in a bad seat especially if I made my reservation late. I then spend time going back into seat selection every few days before my flight to see if something better has freed up. On my last flight, for instance, this let me find a window seat instead of being stuck in a middle seat.

Of course all the while I do this I know that if I checked more often, I could probably get an even better seat but who has the time? That is the promise of MySeatFinder. You tell MySeatFinder your frequent flyer numbers and passwords (OK, that makes me a little nervous) and flight information. It checks periodically for a better seat.

How does it know what kind of seat you like better? You rank order if you are a window vs aisle vs bulkhead person. It does not seem to have a way to say if you like the front or the back of the plane better. I assume from the pictures that it assumes everyone likes the front of the plane better since you can get off faster.

The site claims that in March 84% of the people who used the site got a better seat. Wouldn’t it be worth it to get out of the middle seat? Of course if everyone used the site it won’t work. So… don’t tell anyone. I won’t.

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