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United 757 from

United 757

I made a last minute change to my flight and got the last seat on a plane to New York City. Because it was the last seat, it was not a the best seat on the plane. I could see that the seat did not recline fully.

How, you ask, could I tell this about the seat? I also knew the seat pitch of the seat (the total distance from the back of the seat to the back of the seat in front of it. I also knew the width of the seat, whether it offered a power outlet, and what kind of video if any was available from that seat. It might surprise you to know that this information was not available on the airline’s website. This is not some weird (and disappointing) superpower that I. Have but instead is information that is available on

I have been a fan of SeatGuru for some time, but since last September I have also been in charge of the engineering for this site as part of my job at

Before you chose your seat head on over to SeatGuru and look up the flight to find what is officially listed as the equipment (type of airplane) for that flight on the day that you will travel.

Granted as a superpower x-ray vision would be more cool but perhaps you can convince your friends you are psychic when you can predict where the power plugs can be found.

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