Pork Sliders from Big Beach BBQ – Maui

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I love street food. I like the whole idea of local cuisine and food that is not massed produced. On my trip here in Maui I ate today not street food but side of the road food. Just outside Big Beach at Makena is the trailer for Big Beach BBQ.


At lunch time I backtracked down the road back to Big Beach BBQ which I had seen earlier. They offer 3 basic dishes, each for $9: chicken, pork and fish . I ordered the pork sliders. The first surprise was the purple buns. They are a sweet bun that as I understand are made with taro root. The second surprise was the topping on the pork which was an awe inspiring guava mustard. Yum. This was a lunch stop worth driving out of your way to get to.



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by Chris Christensen

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It’s always interesting trying food from small roadside stands like this. Those purple taro buns look really tasty!

Heather on her travels


Wow, the colour of that bun – I love the colour purple but I can’t decide if it is appetising or not in a bun



not sure either but it is tasty



I also love roadside cuisine. The best fried chicken I ever ate (and I live in Alabama, so I’ve eaten a lot of fried chicken) was at a roadside stand on the east end of St. John, USVI. Thanks for sharing this treasure.



I have had these sliders and they are fabulous! They are so yummy! Fish Taco’s and Pineapple Dogs with homemade coleslaw and carmalized onions are a must try too!

This truly is a treasure.

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