Product Review: Spenco Yumi Sandals

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Spenco Yumi sandals are comfortable as well as stylish

I love sandals.  Flat sandals, strappy sandals, high heeled sandals.  And while I love the look, I don’t always love the comfort.  And sandals that are sturdy and comfortable often just don’t have the look I want.  Ah, but vanity often wins at the expense of comfort.  Until we received a pair of Spenco sandals to try out on a recent trip to Costa Rica.  I opted for the Yumi design.  The shoes are well made, much more sturdy than most flip flops, and really have a great look.  I selected the chocolate/mineral blue color combo, and off we went on our trip.

The only days I didn’t wear the sandals all day were on days that required shoes that couldn’t slip off, for adventures like white water rafting, or flying through the cloud forest on a zipline (in a thunderstorm!).  The rest of the time, I wore the Spenco sandals for treks to the beach, and walking through towns with no paved roads.  They really stood up well, and felt great!  Many flip flops are too flimsy for wearing on uneven roads and for wearing all day without breaking in.  These shoes were comfortable from the moment I put them on.  The only down side was that when they got wet, some of the blue dye got on my feet, but it washed right off.  Back home now, these will be my go-to shoes for my summer activities.

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