Five Reasons Not to Travel and Why They’re Wrong

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Many people have reasons not to travel. On the surface, some of these reasons (or should we say excuses) appear to have merit. However, if you really look closely at them, you are highly likely to determine that they are not substantial. For the most part, there are five recurring reasons put forth by people not to travel — and they’re all wrong!

1) Travel is too expensive

One of the most common reasons not to travel put forth by some people is that it is too costly. There absolutely are trips that require the expenditure of considerable amounts of money. Nonetheless, there are a multitude of travel opportunities that are affordable. In addition, there are different ways that you can pare down the costs associated with travel.

Firstly, you can save money on transportation costs associated with travel. You can do this by accumulating airline miles with certain types of credit cards. Use this type of card for as many of your purchases as possible and you will be able to accumulate a decent number of airline miles in what really will prove to be a reasonable amount of time.

Secondly, there are a number of different lodging options beyond the traditional hotel. You can obtain affordable lodging via a service like Airbnb. Depending on your situation, you might also consider staying in a hostel. In many communities, people have houses available for rent by travelers. This can be a great alternative for traveling families or groups of friends.

Finally, you can keep a travel budget in line by reigning in some of the costs associated with food. Yes, you will want to experience some of the local cuisines during a trip. However, you don’t need to eat all of your meals in restaurants. You can pick up food at a local grocery store and make some of

your meals yourself. With the growth of grocery delivery services, you may just be able to have items you need to be delivered to your hotel or other lodging.

2) Travel can be dangerous

While there are some “crime hotspots” around the world, the vast majority of locations across the globe have crime rates that likely are comparable to those that exist right where you live. In other words, unless you have to go to a “crime hotspot” (and odds are you do not), travel proves to have essentially the same threat level as spending time in your own community.

There are strategies that you should employ when traveling that reduce your risk of becoming the victim of crime. For example, avoid showing off valuables, including money, when traveling. Also, provide a friend or family member a detailed itinerary for your trip so that someone knows where you are expected to be while traveling. Schedule a check-in time with that person while traveling. This need not be anything more than a specific time at which you will make a quick call to let them know all is well.

5 Reasons Not to Travel and Why They're Wrong

3) A person shouldn’t travel alone

For the majority of people, there exists absolutely no reason why they should not travel alone. Provided you abide by the travel safety and other suggestions mentioned in this article, you can certainly have an enjoyable and safe solo trip.

Even if you embark on a trip alone, you can access events and activities that involve other people. For example, depending on where you go and what you like, you can sign up for special tours and meet-ups that will include a wide array of people, including individuals like yourself traveling on their own.

4) I don’t have time

A pervasive argument against travel is “I don’t have time.” The reality is that people from all walks of life are overworked and overbooked. Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine a person that can’t carve out even a modest amount of time for a bit of travel.

Even a mini-vacation can be restorative. Travel can relieve symptoms of burnout and make you ready to take on life full throttle when you return from a trip.

5) Travel preparations are complicated

Travel preparations can be complicated, but they don’t need to be. You can lower the complications associated with travel preparations by taking a proactive stance and starting early. Don’t wait until the last minute to flesh out all elements of a trip.

You can simplify travel preparations by completing ?all ?elements of the planning process in advance. Many people take a halfway approach to travel preparations. They do the basics like booking a hotel and purchasing plane tickets. However, they leave the rest to the last minute, if they do it at all. This often means planning activities once they arrive at the destination and making reservations on the fly.

It’s evident that travel planning can be further convoluted by the need for paperwork and international document legalization. Fortunately, companies like? Documents International, LLC? make the preparation process easier by offering apostille services and document translations.

Ultimately, nothing is standing in your way of traveling the world except yourself, so quit making excuses and get out there!

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