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When the Tourism Board for Buenos Aires offered me a stay at the Vitrum Hotel in the popular neighborhood of Palermo I thought they were being very nice, but after the stay, I think perhaps they were just showing off. Buenos Aires is an easy city to love and this hotel sure didn’t hurt.

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The hotel is located in the tree-lined streets of Palermo and just a few blocks from a number of great cafes that spill out into the streets. Vitrum itself boasts a sushi cafe, but nearby eateries also included pizza, pasta, platters of Argentina grilled beef, a 1950s themed American-style hamburger join, and at least one Irish pub.

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The Palermo neighborhood, like many Buenos Aires neighborhoods we saw, has a mixture of well-kept and posh buildings as well as buildings and sidewalks in poor repair and covered with graffiti, but the Vitrum is very clean and well-maintained. The hardwood floors in our room were kept so clean you could walk over them barefoot and your feet would stay clean. I am not sure you could always do that on my floor at home.

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It appears to have been recently renovated since the style of the hotel is very modern with glass-walled corridors and elevator. In the remodel they uncovered some of the structural concrete pillars for a kind of reclaimed industrial look. The furnishings are also very stylish, yet quite comfortable.

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The communal spaces in the Vitrum were inviting. The pool is not large but is lovely. It has jets at one end for a jacuzzi effect. The nearby fitness room is well equipped. I loved the small glass-enclosed outdoor seating area outside our room.

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Breakfast was served in the dining room in the lobby. The food was good and plentiful. I am of the opinion that the residents of Buenos Aires have a sweet tooth because of the number of pastries that included dulce de leche.

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The hotel was quiet during our 3-night stay with the exception of one band of partiers celebrating the Mardi Gras holiday. The great big comfortable bed was a great way to sleep off our jet lag. We stayed in a room with a sitting room, fridge, and microwave. Our traveling companions stayed in a smaller room without the sitting room. Either would make a fine choice for your next stay in Buenos Aires.

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Internet was included with the room. Wi-fi was available throughout the hotel and had good speed which was good as we were about to get on a cruise ship with an enforced internet diet. Public computers were also available in the lobby.

The Hotel Vitrum is about a mile from the nearest metro station (Palermo). A subway ride is only 5 pesos (about 50 cents U.S.). Cabs are also plentiful and inexpensive. A cab to the ferry to Colonia Sacramento or to the cruise ship terminal is about 100 pesos (around $10 US).

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Nice pictures!
Lookes like you enjoyed Argentina. I live in Spain but I went once to Argentina and I liked the food and the climat over there. Also it’s cheaper (in my opinion) to visit Argentina than Brazil.


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