Review: NervePipes Headphones from iFrogz

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One of the sad things about my recent trip to the Yucatan is that my iFrogz EarPollution CS40 Headphones broke. I had previously reviewed these headphones but one thing that had happened since that review is that they had become my primary audio gear for travel. I have a more expensive set of noise cancelling headphones but these were comfortable enough, folded small enough to take up less space in my backpack and had good audio quality even in a noisy plane cabin.

iFrogz was nice enough to send me three new pairs of headphones to review. Only one of these folds like my old CS40 headset and so has replaced them in my travel gear. That is the NervePipes which have made a great replacement pair of headphones. Again this is a set of headphones comfortable enough that I can wear them for the duration of a cross country flight or for much of the flight here to China.

iFrogz, in my opinion, is a “sound with attitude” kind of brand and my new headphones sport radio active spiders. My son thinks these might accidentally change me into spiderman, while I think they make me look like I am listening to heavy metal instead of podcasts. I am not sure I am cool enough to wear the new NervePipes in public… but I do. They currently have 8 different looks for this brand including the bio-hazard symbol, a regal lion crest and the radio activity symbol.

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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