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Triprider The folks at Minoa have provided the ultimate travel organization app in TripRider. If you do any kind of traveling that requires making lists and tracking budget and accommodation info (from weekend getaways and family camping trips, to international travel), this app can store all that information. Feed it as much or as little information as you have about your trip, and TripRider will store and display it in the following categories: 

  • Trip Plan- A day-to-day itinerary, where you can input locations, accommodation information, estimated costs, and sightseeing plans.

  • Wallet- In this password protected section, you can enter ticket confirmations, passport and credit card numbers, and other safe-keeping information.

  • Packing List- The editable list section is categorized, and in addition to the usual clothes and pharmaceuticals includes sections for “tasks before you go,” “documents,” and “hand luggage” lists. It also allows you to import lists from previous trips, saving you time spent creating duplicates.

  • Maps- Download maps as images on your iPhone, and store them in this section for easy access.

  • Expenses Set a budget when you create your trip, then track your receipts as you go.

  • Location List You can set this feature to record your position, upload or take photos to accompany the GPS tag, and at the end of your trip you’ll have a unique visual log of your progress. You can also update friends or family members with your location by sharing to facebook, twitter, or over email.

  • More additional sections include a diary, quick notes, must-see checklist, and briefing summary.

There are a couple of features missing, and I hope the developers roll them out soon.

  • Syncing across devices- Allowing each person on a group trip the ability to access and edit the same trip would be very helpful. I’m told this feature is being developed, and will become available sometime in 2014. In the meantime, there is a workaround provided in the app–the share feature will let you share a trip you’ve set up with other travelers, though it won’t allow for real-time updates.

  • Compatible website- While the app is well organized and easy to navigate, entering a lot of information on an iPhone can get tedious. Providing a website where trip information could be accessed and updated quickly and easily would make this app 10 times better.

TripRider is presented in an easy-to-use layout with vintage-y design that makes the app visually appealing and fun to use. It’s well worth the $4.99 price, especially as the makers continue to roll out new features.

 Disclaimer: A free copy of this app was given to the volunteer with the expectation that a fair and honest review would be written.

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