Travel to San Francisco, California – Episode 159

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Gldean Gate Bridge

The Amateur Traveler talks to Richard Miller of the SparkleTack podcast (about San Francisco history) about San Francisco.

Richard guides us in a driving/walking tour from west to east. We start at lands end and end up near fisherman’s wharf while talking about the sites and history of many of the places in between.

This is a great companion episode with the 2 part soundseeing walking tour of San Francisco:

Travel to San Francisco, California – Amateur Traveler Episode 159 transcript

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Show Notes

SparkleTack podcast about San Francisco History
Works Progress Administration
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera murals at San Francisco City College
The Story of Treasure Island
Playland at the Beach
Sutro Baths
Adolph Spreckels
Legion of Honor
Auguste Rodin
49 mile scenic drive
Panama Pacific International Exposition (the Palace of Fine Arts is from this)
The Exploritorium
The Wave Organ
San Francisco Maritime
Chantey Sing
San Francisco Blues Festival
Soundseeing Tour 1 – San Francisco (part 1)
Soundseeing Tour 1 – San Francisco (part 2)

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

10 Responses to “Travel to San Francisco, California – Episode 159”

Craig Mullins


Wher/how do you continually do all this research? I have lived here all my life & the things you find are amazing.

San Francisco, California - Amateur Traveler Episode 159 « Amateur Traveler podcast


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Richard - Sparkletack


Hey Chris, thanks for the opportunity to talk myself hoarse! I had a swell time doing it, and I hope it shows. (“shows” doesn’t quite seem right for audio, does it? Best I could do. ๐Ÿ™‚

@Craig: The history of San Francisco is visible almost everywhere in the city … with the help of, say, a library card, my show, and just starting to pay attention, these stories will just start leaping out at you!



Great episode! Just one thing… there’s a mistake in your iTunes version… you typed “San Franciisco”… Bye!



Oh bother, someday maybe I will learn to type.

Michael Roberts


I am a big fan of and Richard Miller’s brand of story telling. I have listened to all of his podcasts, some two or three times, and visit his website frequently. I live in the Pacific Northwest but try to get to SFO at least twice a year to emerge myself in the history and culture of my favorite city.

I especially enjoyed episode 159 and the armchair tour of the City by the Bay narrated by Richard.

Michael Roberts
Vancouver, WA



Nice episode! So easy to imagine to be physically there.

Travel to San Francisco - Amateur Traveler Episode 159 Transcript | Amateur Traveler Travel Blog


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Bay Area Wedding Photographer


I’ve been to about 1/2 of the places highlighted and want to see many more of them!

Savio Wong


I am spending a couple of weeks visiting family in SF. A couple of days ago, Dec. 26, I listened to the 2-part walking tour as I was taking the similar routes. Co-incidentally, the podcast was taped some years ago, exactly on Dec. 26 as well.
I always check out your podcasts when I visit or re-visit a city because I find your advises sensible and I usually learn something new. Thank you.
BTW, may I suggest a few sites for the bibliophiles who are visiting SF.
1) The American Bookbinders Museum in SOMA. Although it is small, the daily guided tour is very informative.
2) The Arion Press on the edge the Presidio Park in Richmond. Definitely do the guided tour, which is only offered once a week, on Thursday at 3:30pm.
3) City Light Books on Grand and Columbus. It may have been mentioned in the walking tour but I don’t remember.

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