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When I was in Istanbul recently I stayed in two different hotels. The first one was a European-style business hotel near Taksim. The second one was a small hotel, Hotel Historia, just behind the Sultanahmet mosque (the blue mosque). The first hotel was wonderful but was probably about twice the price of the second hotel.

Neither of the hotels is what Americans would expect from a typical hotel room. A typical American-style hotel has two double beds or a king-size bed. A typical small European hotel might fit a double bed but there would not be any floor space. More likely you will find smaller twin beds. The rooms are smaller.

I noticed with the Hotel Historica that the reviews for the hotel ran from people who loved it to people who hated it. Some of the people who hated it were Americans who I think arrived with the wrong expectations.


So what should you expect? These boutique hotels can be a wonderful experience. The hotel Historica was inexpensive. It had an elevator, but you will not always find this in these older hotels which is one of the reasons I like to pack light. The hotel was clean and the people were wonderful.

It had high-speed internet although not good coverage from my particular hotel room. No problem, it had a nice comfortable lobby which looked more like a living room. As I sat checking my email someone brought over a glass of hot tea.

The breakfast was included and was beautiful as well as tasty. The hotel was 2-3 blocks from one of the main sites in the city. Someone did not like this place? I don’t get it.

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by Chris Christensen

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its good in Istanbul that it have all types of hotels the cheap n high classs hotel,people of middle class family can easily survive or can enjoy within their limit.

Jim montek


i had a very good experience visiting istanbul. it is a very beautiful city.

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