Travel to European Russia – Episode 299

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Francis Tapon author of “The Hidden Europe” about European Russia west of the Ural Mountains.

Most people only know 2 cities in Russia – Moscow and St Petersburg. In St Petersburg, he recommends the Hermitage and the Peterhof. Moscow is so central culturally to Russia that the trains all run on Moscow time across the 9 timezones of Russia.

Francis extends the suggested itinerary to include Kazan and Kaliningrad. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan which is a mostly Muslim area of Russia. Kazan is over 1000 years old. Kazan is right by the Volga river with a large mosque and classic cathedral. Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave in what used to be East Prussia.

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Show Notes

Francis Tapon
Saint Peterburg
Eastern Europe – Best Photos
White Nights
Kazan Map
Qolsharif Mosque
Curonian Spit
Euro Mountains
The Hidden Europe
Francis Tapon on Facebook



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One Response to “Travel to European Russia – Episode 299”

Si @ thedepartureboard


Hi Chris, Russia really is like no place I’ve ever been visited. The lack of smiles wears you down after a while, and I thought India was bureaucratic! I think Stallingrad..sorry Volgograd was my favourite city, with the Mother Russia statue and history from the tragic siege.

Have added a link to The Travel Bloggers Guide To The World I’m developing. Look forward to the next show.

Regards, Si

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