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Having spent the majority of my early adulthood overindulging on holidays with too much food, booze and sunshine, the idea of a healthy holiday – although an alien concept – certainly appeared to have its upsides. Ever since I’d left behind my early twenties, I had initiated a venture into healthier living, so it was only natural to combine this with a trip across the world.

The concept of getting healthy whilst surrounded by the wondrous landscape of Thailand’s shimmering coastline seemed too good to be true, but the reality made me wonder why I hadn’t been doing this ever since I first stepped onto a Costa del Sol bound plane with my friends at the age of 16.


A Holiday Health Kick

Every year just as the last signs of Christmas fade into the blistering January winter, we are bombarded with adverts of tropical bliss, sunshine breaks and, of course, how to transform into a god or goddess of swimwear prowess in the months preceding such a trip. Once the spring begins to settle in and summer looks likely on its way, the nation flutters into diet mode, with the impending image of showcasing those extra pounds on the beach threatening our holiday bliss.

This vicious diet cycle that many of us slip into pre-holiday definitely doesn’t match the excitement of a fast-approaching chance to relax, so why not alleviate the anxiety, and simply combine the two?

The notion of turning your poolside cocktails and late-night tapas into exercise regimes and healthy eating might not seem like the ideal exchange, but there is certainly more to a detox holiday than meets the eye…

Taking it Easy in Thailand

When I first began looking into the detox break, Thailand shouted out to me as the ideal setting. Known to many as the spiritual mecca when it comes to healing, where better than Asia to search for a more mindful version of myself? I then went on to discover that 95% of the population of Thailand has a belief system rooted in Buddism, so it seemed like the perfect place to discover a calmer, happier and healthier me.

Naturally, the landscape of Thailand has always seemed like paradise to me; natural white sandy beaches, jewel-like crystal clear sea waters, and lush green rainforests… an exotic dream.

Thailand’s spa sanctuaries and detox resorts are spread across the country, and most can be easily reached via Bangkok, which is ideal if you want to start with some city sightseeing and cultural exploration. I booked my flights with Thomson and started my journey…

Letting go

Thailand’s islands are, to the majority of us Brits, synonymous with revelry, full moon beach parties and all-round debauchery, that is, until, you discover the quieter side to these sandy shores….

Koh Samui island is a cultural melting pot of grand villas, simple beachside shacks and luxurious hotels, and my destination, the Absolute Sanctuary. Boasting the ability to provide me with a “life-changing experience” that will “last me a lifetime” this Moroccan inspired boutique hotel sits nestled amongst lush green gardens and a tree-lined hillside, providing the ideal setting for two weeks of relaxation.

The sanctuary offers a signature selection of Detox Programs, Rejuvenating Programs and Yoga Programs, so you can select the perfect solution for your quest for a happier and healthier you.

Having selected the detox program, my stay began with a consultation with a therapist, who outlined three potential courses to choose from, the Ultimate Detox, the Living Foods Detox, and the Vegetarian Detox. Shying away from the daunting prospect of full fasting with the Ultimate Detox, I selected the Living Foods Detox, which would allow me to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables whilst on the program.

Visitors can choose to detox for three, five or seven days, and having traveled some six thousand miles from home, I opted for the latter, making the most of my two-week visit.

An Opulent Setting

From my very first steps into the hotel, I was impressed with its sumptuous design of Moroccan decor, its striking views across the Gulf of Thailand, and its warm and welcoming staff. Not knowing what to expect I had conjured up images of my tummy rumbling at the poolside, resisting the urge to run to the nearby town and scoff my face with Thai curry, but the hotel’s infectious serene atmosphere was not one I ever wanted to divert from.

Having arrived in mid-August the island was coming to the end of its hottest season, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius during the day. The few warm rain storms didn’t succeed in dampening my spirits, actually feeling rather magical as I swam in the pool amidst the warm droplets. Be warned that visiting from September to November might dampen more than your holiday heart though, as it’s the island’s monsoon season.

My seven day detox was lived out amid a tailor-made programme of colon hydrotherapy (not as horrific as it may sound), detox drinks, nutritional supplements and freshly made food from the aptly named Love Kitchen. When I wasn’t choosing between the classes offered in the Yoga Suite, I could laze beside the striking outdoor swimming pool, indulge in a tempting massage or body therapy at the spa, or watch Hollywood films in the theatre in the evenings.

Southern Thailand Coastline

Being just a five-minute walk from the bustling Chaweng Beach, there is plenty of entertainment to be discovered nearby, albeit only if you can resist the smells of street food and the happy hours of the beachside bars…

Having resisted any temptation I managed to experience a truly perfect trip to Thailand; cultural insight, spiritual awakening, sand in my shoes, a sun-kissed glow, a shrinking waistline, and feeling as though I was the luckiest person in the world.


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