The Best Wineries in Mallorca: Wine Tours and Wine Tasting 2023

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Modern facilities and grape vines at Macia Batle

Modern facilities and grape vines at Macia Batle

Looking for the best wineries in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a popular destination in the Mediterranean for wine lovers, offering plenty of interesting wineries and vineyards to explore. Two of the island’s regions have been awarded Spanish D.O. (Denominación de Origen) status – Binissalem and Pla i Llevent – meaning that some of the finest wine in Spain is produced here.

Whether you’d like to visit a few wineries in a day or take your time exploring over several days, Mallorca has plenty of options for wine lovers. From tours departing from Palma to guided vineyard visits, if you’re up for the adventure, there are many ways to get your wine fix!

One of the fun facts about Mallorcan wineries is that not only can you buy the usual bottled wine, but many of them also offer the option of bringing your own bottles to fill. This is what locals do, and it generally brings the price of a bottle of wine down significantly to between 2 and 4€!

If you’re staying for more than a few days, you may decide to visit one of the wineries listed below and refill a few bottles if you find a house wine you like.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the best wine pours in Mallorca, here’s our list of must-visit vineyards and wineries in 2023.

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The Best Wineries in Mallorca

Like many other European destinations which boast interesting attractions, Mallorca offers many wineries worth visiting.

Bodegues Ribas antique wine press

Bodega Ribas

If you’re looking for a unique wine-tasting experience in Mallorca with a long history, Bodega Ribas is the perfect spot. Founded in the 17th century, this winery has been producing some of the finest wines in Spain from its 49 hectares of vines.

Their dedication to researching and improving native varieties of grapes, as well as their commitment to environmental and social sustainability, is a testament to the quality of their wines.

Visitors can take a guided tour through the beautiful winery and learn about its history before tasting a selection of wines in the garden or inside the stately home. They offer a variety of tasting options as well as the option to bring your own bottles for a house wine refill.

Wine-tasting experiences offer 3 to 4 different wines, and generally last 1.5 hours for 25€. They also include a variety of Local specialties and are usually private tours or very small groups. Make sure to reserve online ahead of time.

Macia Batle tasting wines and elegant tasting area

Bodega Macia Batle

For wine connoisseurs visiting Mallorca, a visit to Bodegas Macia Batle is a must. This award-winning winery has been producing some of the finest wines in Spain since 1856 and boasts over 300 prizes and awards for wine quality. Their traditional methods involve carbonic maceration with the Mallorcan Manto Negro grape, which produces lighter-colored, less full-bodied wines.

One of the interesting things that differentiate this winery is that every year they invite acclaimed artists to participate in the creation of their new labels. This gives a very artistic touch to the way they market their wine, and you can feel the influence of an art lover in the different halls of the reception area as well.

If you are looking for something short and sweet, very informative, thoroughly enjoyable, and well-priced, this is the place for you. Visitors to the winery can partake in a 45-minute guided tour where they will sample five wines and some local cured ham and cheese.

Times do vary slightly, but tours are generally held Monday through Saturday at 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm, and 4:00 pm for 15€ per person. Definitely book in advance online, but if you are in the area and would like to join a tour on the spur of the moment this is also possible.

View from the outdoor tasting area at Son Prim

Bodega Son Prim

Bodega Son Prim is one of the popular smaller wineries in Mallorca, especially for those looking for premium wines. It was founded in 2003 and is known for producing exclusive, high-quality wines that start at just 11.50 EUR per bottle. I love the Son Prim wines and couldn’t wait to visit since I buy them often! Their lovely modern installations didn’t disappoint.

Touring this winery was very enjoyable and was a kind of history lesson on Mallorcan techniques and the unique local wine culture of the area. The beautiful vineyards that surround it only enhanced the experience, making it all that much more picturesque.

Visitors can choose from four different types of experiences, the most basic of which starts at 15 EUR and includes a variety of 3 wines to sample. Make sure to book in advance online.

The Casts in the bottle shop at Vins Ca'n Novell

Vins Ca’n Novell

This is a really authentic experience where wine is sold by the gallon, the bottle, as boxed wine, or at the filling station. The shop consists of several humongous barrels lined up and the number of locals who come here to fill their own deposits here attests to the excellent wine you can get here at great prices.

Wine-tasting reservations here need to be made by phone but are definitely worth your trouble. It is an interesting experience that removes the pomp and circumstance of most cellars and feels very Mallorquin. I highly recommend a visit to Ca’n Novell.

They offer, 2 red, 2 white, 2 rose and 1 dessert wine served with tapas for 15€. There is however a minimum of 4 people. If you’d like to try the experience, make sure to call Andre at +34 609982959.

Most wines here go for between 2 and 7€! Excellent vermouth, as well as olive oil, is also sold in the shop at very reasonable prices. Definitely not to be missed if you want to see an unspoiled non-commercial side of Mallorca.

Bodega Binigual's beautiful garden and patio

Bodega Binigual

Bodega Binigual is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts visiting Mallorca. Situated in the heart of the picturesque Binissalem wine-growing district, this quaint hamlet dates back to the Moorish era and encompasses 14 traditional Mallorcan houses, a historic winery, a Vinoteca, and even a farm.

Here, you can sample some of the finest Mallorcan wines, of which white and rosé are their specialty, as well as enjoy the delightful and peaceful atmosphere of the historic estate and its delightful garden.

Open 7 days a week with no reservation necessary, a tasting goes for 31€ and includes as many wines as they have available as well as homemade bread and olive oil. This is truly an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate fine wines and beautiful scenery. Not to be missed.

Tasting area at Tianna Negre Winery

Bodega Tianna Nere

For those visiting Mallorca and looking for a truly unique wine-tasting experience, Bodega Tianna Nere is the perfect destination. With its modern building set against the stunning backdrop of the Tramuntana mountain range, this ecological winery is sure to impress.

Out of all the wineries I have visited in Mallorca, this is one of my favorites. The service is excellent and the wines are at the top of my list. Here you’ll find a selection of ecological and biological wines made from local and international grape varieties with sustainability in mind.

The tasting experience here is a treat, with three wines served alongside freshly-baked bread and their own olive oil for 15€ per person. Be sure to book in advance for the guided visit, which requires a minimum of six people.

Although prices are a little steeper, from 10-30 € per bottle, the smoothness of the wine here is truly worth the extra expense. Tianna Nere’s stunning views and top-notch wines are a great way to get an authentic taste of Mallorcan wine culture while learning more about the area’s unique varieties of grapes.

Barrels at Ca'n Novell winery

Noteworthy Mallorca Wine Tours


Wine Express Train

This tour is a bit more commercial than most other experiences being recommended here, but it’s a great way to go wine-tasting in Mallorca as a family. If you’ve got kids in tow this might be the only way to do any wine tasting. It’s also great if you have members of your group with reduced mobility since there isn’t much walking involved.

The Wine Tour includes a full guided visit of Bodega Jose Luis Ferrer explaining the wine-making process. Then 4 different wines are tasted with local Tapas before boarding the train.

Meander through the vineyards on the train before stopping in the vineyard for one more tasting and a look at the vines. Finally, a visit to a beautiful Finca-Winery, the oldest Winery on the island of Mallorca, and a last wine tasting of 3 wines with traditional tapas completes the experience.

Online booking is required to take this tour.

Horseback Riding Excursion and Wine Tasting in Mallorca

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca while sampling some of the island’s finest wines, then the Horseback Riding Excursion and Wine Tasting is the perfect experience for you.

The guided tour takes you through the lush forests of Puig de Sant Martí in Alcudia and is suitable for anyone, including children. After the tour is complete, you’ll be treated to a selection of locally made wines and cheeses, as well as other ecological products like pate, jam, and oil, and the beautiful stories behind them.

The experience includes optional hotel pick-up.

Wine Tour of the Island Center

This tour is perfect for those wanting to get a rural experience in Mallorca’s wine region without the headache of renting a car. Starting from the center of Palma, this tour will first take you to Sineu’s local weekly market.

Here foodies will love the variety of local food offerings and people watch as the locals come to shop. Then you’ll be taken on a scenic journey over the picturesque rural roads through the vineyards to Santa Maria where you’ll sample a few wines at Bodega Macia Batle.

Finally, lunch is included in a cozy tavern before your return to Palma.

Mallorca Wine Experience Palma Old Town

If you are interested in experiencing Mallorcan wine during your visit to Palma but prefer to stay in town, this experience is for you.

Located in the heart of the historic old town, this cozy ‘colmado’ wine store offers an intimate and unique tasting experience that includes samples of five different types of Mallorcan wines, accompanied by local cheese and charcuterie.

This 2-hour experience limits group size to just four people so a personalized experience is created just for you.

Sunset Boat Mallorca Wine Tour

The Sunset Boat Wine Tour is a unique and truly memorable experience that combines wine tasting in Mallorca and sailing. Starting with a visit to one of Mallorca’s finest wineries to sample four of their best wines, guests will be treated to delicious local tapas to accompany each pour.

After this, guests will board a luxurious sailing boat or catamaran in Palma’s marina to watch the stunning sunsets Mallorca is known for while they enjoy more wines and a delicious dinner.

During this tour, guests can also take part in activities like paddle surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and more. This 7-8 hour tour includes deluxe transport from anywhere in Palma.

Grape vines in bloom

Best Wineries in Mallorca FAQ

Does Mallorca have vineyards?

Yes, Mallorca has vineyards. It is home to two Denominación de Origen (D.O.) regions, Binissalem and Pla i Llevent, which are known for their high-quality wines. Tourists can visit various wineries across the island with wine tastings available at some locations.

How many wineries are in Mallorca?

Mallorca has over 70 wineries, most of which grow, bottle, and sell their own wine. Many of these offer wine tastings, tours, and special events throughout the year.

Is Mallorca known for wine?

Yes, Mallorca is known for wine. It is home to two Denominación de Origen (D.O.) regions, Binissalem and Pla i Llevent, which are renowned for their high-quality wines. Tourists can visit various wineries across the island with wine tastings available at most locations. There are over 70 wineries in Mallorca that grow, bottle, and sell their own excellent wines made with local varieties of grapes.

What is the drinking limit in Mallorca?

In Mallorca, the legal drinking limit is 0.5 g/l of alcohol in your bloodstream. If caught driving with more than this, you could be fined. The legal drinking age in Mallorca is 18 years of age.

What is the wine capital of Spain?

The wine capital of Spain is the city of Logroño, located in the La Rioja region. Rioja is considered one of the best places for wine production in Europe and is home to many famous cellars. It’s also known as the “Wine Route” due to its vast vineyards, beautiful landscapes, and excellent wines.

Mallorca Wine Tasting: The Wrap Up

Mallorca is a paradise for wine lovers and offers an abundance of fun experiences to try, from vineyard tours to boat trips. Whether you’re looking for a unique tasting experience in the heart of Palma or prefer to explore some local wineries with friends, there’s something here that will suit every palate. Enjoy your wine pours!

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