Travel to the Island of Mallorca, Spain – Episode 774

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Travel to the Island of Mallorca, Spain (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the Island of Mallorca in Spain as the Amateur Traveler talks to Erin Carey from Roam Generation PR about Mallorca and the time she spent anchored off this beautiful island.

Erin says, “Mallorca is in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain above Ibiza. We sailed there on our boat, spending about two months there. I loved it. When I arrived in Mallorca, I was very pleasantly surprised not because I didn’t expect it to be great, but I just didn’t know what to expect at all. For some reason, I didn’t imagine this beautiful island with pine forests and rocky outcrops of cliffs and little coves with tiny beaches tucked away there.”

“Probably the biggest surprise of all was the city of Palma de Majorca which I was just blown away by. I didn’t expect it to be so big, but it’s a full-on city. It’s probably one of the most beautiful European cities that I visited. We’ve been around to most of them. It’s got stunning architecture, beautiful quiet alleys and streets and squares and trees and other great stuff that European cities have.”

We start at the top of the island in the bay of Port de Sóller. Erin longed to stay in the beautiful Spanish mission-style Hotel Escondido which she could see from her boat. This is a quiet town where you can lie on the beach getting over your jet lag, or shop in the umbrella-lined shopping street.


Much of the northern part of the island is mountainous with little historic towns and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. Erin recommends taking a day and heading east through those mountains to picturesque towns like Pollença and Alcúdia.

Erin then steers us to the west coast to a more ritzy area near Santa Ponsa and Port d’Andratx. This is a great place to take a boat trip. Mallorca has a boating culture from fishing boats to superyachts. Take a tour out to the island of Dragonera. While you are in the area visit the historic mansion of La Granja de Esporles. Erin’s boys were intrigued by its torture chamber.

The largest city on the island is the capital of Palma de Mallorca. Palma has a large cathedral on the water, a castle with views of the harbor (Castell de Bellver), an old Arab bath, beaches, restaurants, and shopping. Palma has shops for the superyacht scene as well as colorful markets like the Mercat de l’Olivar. 

Chris recommends a side trip to caves (Cuevas del Drach) on the south shore of the island. These admittedly touristy caves offer an underground concert and boat ride in addition to the usual cave formations.

Whether you arrive by plane, cruise ship, or your own boat, Mallorca is a beautiful island that just might draw you back again.

Erin says, “There’s mountains, there’s obviously the beaches. There’s a beautiful city with shopping and attractions and museums and cathedrals. There is the food. Spain food is amazing. There’s the wine, of course, it’s very easy on the eye. Everywhere you go. It’s beautiful. And I just found myself going wow, look at this place and every town that we visited will be more beautiful than the next.”

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Show Notes

ROAM GENERATION PR – PR for Travel and Adventure Brands
Port de Sóller
Hotel Esplendido, Puerto de Sóller
Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana – UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Santa Ponsa
Port d’Andratx
La Granja de Esporles – Esporles, Spain
Palma de Mallorca
Tinto de Verano Recipe
Palma Cathedral
Cathedral Tickets
Shopping in Palma – Discover Mallorca
Cuevas del Drach – Porto Cristo
Castell de Bellver
Mercat de l’Olivar
Train – Tren de Sóller
Arab Baths (Ceuta)
Sailing to Roam


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Travel to the Island of Mallorca, Spain (Podcast) | Things to do in Mallorca #spain #mallorca #island #beaches #things-to-do-in #places Travel to the Island of Mallorca, Spain (Podcast) | Things to do in Mallorca #spain #mallorca #island #beaches #things-to-do-in #places

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Jayne Dear


As always, excellent episode! I went to Mallorca when I was 8 and I am 59 now so this podcast has inspired me to return to the first destination I ever travelled to outside the U.K.



Mallorca is a beautiful Spanish island that’s often misspelled and pronunced differently depending on who’s talking 🙂 Palma was my first Mediterranean port visit in the US Navy in 1996. What a blast!

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