Travel to Nagoya, Japan – Episode 677

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Travel to Nagoya, Japan (Podcast) | Things to do in Nagoya

Hear about travel to Nagoya, Japan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Lena Yamaguchi from about her adopted home.

Lena says of Nagoya, “Not that many people come to Nagoya which is really really sad. Nagoya is the 4th largest city in Japan. It is centrally located. There is loads to do in Nagoya. It is quite important as the birthplace for a lot of Japanese warlords. It is an industrial hub. Nagoya is where Toyota comes from. You can learn a lot about cars here. The local food is specific to Nagoya and delicious.”

Lena starts us at Nagoya station which is how most travelers will arrive in the city. It is easy to get around the city by subway or bus. The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology is located near the station. Before making cars, Toyota was originally a textile company.

There are a number of castles in Japan, but what makes the Nagoya Castle great is that it was rebuilt with the original Japanese wooden castle building techniques. Lena says the interior is also beautiful and you can tour on your own. 

Lena does a blog about Nagoya food so she guides us where to eat and what to order as well as where to go shopping in Nagoya. Lena also offers food tours in the city.

There are a couple of other great museums in the city, including an art museum and a railroad museum. The Atsuta Shrine is one of the oldest and most important Shinto shrines in Japan. There are also modern theme parks in the city including Legoland and Sea Life Nagoya.

Lena recommends some side trips in the central Japan area including the nearby Japanese Alps. In that area, you will find the UNESCO sites of Shirakawa-g? and Takayama. These villages are quite different from what you will see in other areas of Japan. Shirakawa-g? is surrounded by lush green rice fields. Takayama is a saki brewing town with a number of old breweries. 

To the southwest of Nagoya is the most important shrine in Japan, the Ise Grand Shrine, which is across the Ise Bay from Nagoya. 

Give this show a listen and see why Lena thinks people should add Nagoya and central Japan to their next trip.

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Show Notes

Nagoya Foodie
Nagoya Travel Guide
Nagoya Station
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
Nagoya Castle
Tokugawa Art Museum
Tokugawa Garden
?su Shopping District
Komehyo Osu Store
Miso Nikomi Udon
Hatcho Miso
Miso Katsu
Oni Manju
Yamamotoya Honten Sakae Hommachidori
Atsuta Shrine
Japanese Alps
Japan Rail Pass
Ise Grand Shrine
Ise Bay
Legoland Japan
Sea Life Nagoya
Railway Museum
Inuyama Castle
Kiso River
Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River
Osu Summer Festival
Things to Do In Nagoya


Mary wrote about Travel to the Algarve, Portugal – Episode 661

Hi there,

I’ve listened to your podcast for years and recommend it all the time. Thank you for continuing to do such an amazing job to teach us all about our world.

Just wanted to correct something in the Algarve podcast. The presenter indicated that a point in the Algarve was the most southwestern point in Europe. This is incorrect unless you’re talking ONLY about the mainland and not Europe itself.

The Azores, an autonomous area of Portugal (you have a podcast), is southwest to the Algarve and also part of Europe. The island of Flores that was recently impacted by Cat. 2 Hurricane Lorenzo has a village called Faja Grande that is the most southwestern part of Europe.



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