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Things to do in Togo (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Togo as the Amateur Traveler talks to Philipp Muders from the Journication Travel Blog about this small West African country.

Philipp says, “I was traveling, backpacking, actually in Togo more or less exactly two years ago. So end of 2019, before the pandemic had hit us all. I was backpacking in this special region of the world.  I traveled from Ivory Coast through Ghana, Togo, up to Benin. One of the most interesting destinations on the journey was Togo.”

“Togo surprised me. It was for me, in the beginning, just the country to travel through quite quickly, but I stayed there much longer than expected in the beginning. Togo is a very exciting country a bit off the beaten track. When I was traveling there, you only met a few white people at all. It’s not very touristy so it’s a perfect destination for me to really enjoy local culture. They have a beautiful coastline. The whole coast in Western Africa is beautiful, beautiful palm beaches, white sand. It’s also a great place for hiking when you leave the coast going up a little bit north, in the, into the center of the country. For me, it was a very nice place to learn about history.”

Philipp talks to us about 3 different places in the country: Lomé, Kpalimé, and Togoville.

Lomé is the capital of the country and it is on the coast. You can enjoy the city from a lovely beachside hotel or dive deep into the culture as Philipp did with home stay in a neighborhood without running water or consistent electricity. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, the colorful markets or the unusual Fetish Market which is used by adherents of voodoo. 

Kpalimé is in the green interior where you can easily pick up a guide and do a hike to a local waterfall or two.

Philipp enjoyed the colonial history in Togoville. There is a church built during the time when Togo was a German colony which Philipp particularly, as a German, enjoyed seeing. But you can also see local voodoo shrines. Getting there via a dugout canoe is part of the fun. 

See if we can’t lure you also to this small but colorful country on the west coast of Africa. 

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Show Notes

Journication Travel Blog
Lomé Grand Market
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lomé
Palais des Congrès
Independence Monument, Lome
Akodessawa Fetish Market
Hotel Robinson Plage, Lomé
Hotel 2 Fevrier, Lomé
A Visit to Togoville, Togo – Happy Days Travel Blog
Backpacking in West Africa – Travel Tips & Route


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As a new listener, I’m excited for a good resource for my own travels. I am also really enjoying hearing about places I’ll never visit myself, but I can dream.
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