Too Sexy to Fly?

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too revealing?I remember a day when people who get dressed up to fly. When I was a kid you would put on your suit before you boarded a plane. Of course, I also remember sweltering in Wisconsin for 2 days in my fancy clothes when they had lost my family’s luggage. Dress codes for flying have relaxed since those days but not for a customer service supervisor named Keith who works for Southwest airline in San Diego according to a story originally reported in the San Diego Union Tribune and later picked up by the USA Today.

USA Today:

Southwest is in the news in San Diego after a customer service supervisor apparently objected to the outfit worn by college student and Hooters waitress Kyla Ebbert. At least that’s the word from San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Gerry Braun, who writes that Ebbert was “escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight two months ago” for wearing “a white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.” (Check out the Union-Tribune’s photo of the outfit Ebbert says she was wearing for the flight.) Ebbert says that after she had taken her seat, the supervisor asked her to come out into the jetway and asked her to change.

“I asked him what part of my outfit was offensive,” Ebbert says to Braun. “The shirt? The skirt? And he said, ‘The whole thing.’ ” Ebbert adds she was lightly dressed because she was taking a same-day trip to Tucson and back for a doctor’s appointment. The temperature in Tucson that day was forecast to be between 100 and 110. Ebbert says she was asked to go home and change and return for a later flight with a less-revealing outfit. She refused, and the airline eventually relented.

Was her outfit too revealing? You judge for your self. This picture shows the outfit she says she was wearing at the time. Some savy airline history buffs at compared this picture to a vintage picture he found of Southwest Airlines flight attendants.

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2 Responses to “Too Sexy to Fly?”

Uncle Drew


This is her workplace, not a fashion show. But this incident is too trivial to devote too much thought to. The whole thing is just an excuse for the media to push yet another fake news story.



Chris Elliot adds the best commentary I have seen so far on this story. If Southwest is going to enforce a dress code, how would a passenger know before trying to get on a plane.

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