Top 7 Hot Springs in Europe That Are Worth the Long-Haul Flight

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What better way to relax on holiday than in natural hot springs. As well as relaxing they have quite a few health benefits too, soaking away the tension that has built up through the year. Many hot spring destinations have spa facilities nearby and health-conscious hotels to add to your pampering and rejuvenating break. Here are some of Europe’s best natural hot springs in beautiful locations that will help you melt away that stress.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland, photo from pixabay

1.    The Blue Lagoon Iceland

One of the most popular hot springs today, when you see the blue lagoon in Iceland you will know why. The beautiful scenery needs to be seen in person as photos just don’t do it justice. Take a dip in the hot water and try rubbing the white geothermal mud on your face for that extra special relaxation experience. The lagoon can get busy especially when there are large tour groups visiting all at once.

The lagoon is only 30 minutes from Reykjavik which makes it a great day trip whilst on a break in the city. Prices start from 5400 ISK depending on which package you choose.

2.    Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

The pure volcanic spring water is fed straight into the pools here, being replenished every four hours. Although these springs are part of a resort, non-resident guests are welcome to use the pools. The idyllic location adds to the relaxing atmosphere and mud treatments are also available upon request. The Spring waters are known for their rejuvenating qualities and many people with medical ailments combine soaking in the waters with other treatments.

Located in Grosseto, Tuscany, the best way to get here is by road and if you are staying at the hotel in the resort transport can be arranged for you.

Thermal Spa Tuscany

Thermal Spa Tuscany Photo from Pixabay

3.    Heviz Lake, Heviz, Hungary

This thermal lake is the largest of its kind in the world. Although the village started to form in the 18th century, the bathhouse was not built on the lake until the 20th century and from then on more and more visitors have come to enjoy the benefits of the lake.

Single entrance tickets to the Thermal Lake are available in different categories costing 2 400 HUF for three hours, 2 600 HUF for four hours, or 3 700 HUF for a whole day. Other spa treatments are also available in the area.

Heziz is around two hours’ drive from Budapest and has a surprisingly Mediterranean like climate.

4.    Bains de Dorres, Pyrenees, France

A relaxing break at any time of the year but the view across the mountainside is particularly beautiful in the springtime making it a top choice in spring destinations. The water, a warm 41 degrees Celsius has high sulfurous properties and healing benefits. The large ancient basins offer a panoramic view over Canigou, the Puigmal massif, and the Serra del Cadi. What a relaxing scene.

The entrance price for an individual is 5 Euros and the region is located in the Southeast of France near to the border with Spain. You can even pop across the border for dinner in Spain after your spa day!

5.    Palia Kameni, Greece

A volcanic island in the middle of Santorini in Greece, Palia Kameni is well known as a place to take a swim and a hot spring mud bath. You might find a stop at this island on your itinerary if you book a tour in this area as it is a great place for tourists to visit a hot spring. The lovely thing about this place is that the boats cannot dock right on the shore so you must swim and wade from your boat. The lovely scenery and relaxing pools are worth the swim too and from the boat. Alternating the cooler seawater with the warm mud can be quite revitalizing too.

6.    Pamukkale, Turkey

Hot Spring in Turkey

Hot Spring in Turkey Photo Pixabay

These beautiful terraces called a cotton castle in Turkish is a geological phenomenon of travertine terraces and warm pools. This area is a UNESCO world heritage site and coupled with the Greek-Roman ancient town you can see why it is such a popular tourist attraction in Turkey.

The unique experience of bathing in amongst ancient columns in the warm mineral-rich waters is an experience that should not be missed.

Hierapolis/Pamukkale travertines joint site entry costs 25TL and is open 6 am-6.30 pm in winter and 6 am – midnight in summer. The Antique pool entry costs 32TL.

7.    Lemnos, Greece

Popular with water sports enthusiasts, there are lots of mud baths to soothe your aching muscles. Slather the mud all over your body, let it dry and then wash it off with Agiasma, the spring water at the beach of Agios Haralambos. Great after sports or a long day sightseeing.

Best of all here, daily boat trips are also available to Samothraki, a small island with some of the best hot springs and waterfalls in the area spend time admiring the amazing scenery whilst soaking your troubles away. A perfect addition to your natural spa experience in Greece.

Why natural hot springs in Europe?

Natural Hot Springs have always drawn people to them, from early village settlements to modern-day tourists, there’s just something about the healing waters. The warm water and the concentration of mineral have multiple health benefits as well as making your skin look and feel great. Each destination has a unique combination of minerals in the water too. So if you want to relax, unwind and feel amazing, there’s no better way than to take a natural spa holiday.

Have you visited any of these sites? Which was your favorite?

Top 7 Hot Springs in Europe That Are Worth the Long-Haul Flight

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