Travel to the Danube Delta, Romania – Episode 517

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Travel to the Danube Delta in Romania - what to do, see and eat in this UNESCO bio preserve


Hear about travel to the Danube Delta in Romania as the Amateur Traveler talks to Christian Cummins about traveling to this UNESCO biosphere in Europe.

“Within Europe it is perhaps the most adventurous country I can think of. We are going to go to Romania today. I have spent quite a lot of time in Romania, but this time I want to take you to the far eastern edge where Romania hits the Black Sea, the Danube Delta, the watery end of one of Europe’s great rivers, and one of the world’s most fantastic biodiversity hot spots, a place where there are no cars. You can only get around by boat, reeds, birds, jackals, wolves, everything, the Danube Delta.”

Christian shares with us some of the people and the sounds of the Danube Delta.

We start off in nearby Tulcea and then head down to Murighiol where you can pick up a ferry to Sfântu Gheorghe (St George) on the coast or a small boat into the many waterways of the delta itself.

Christian recommends a longer canoe trip into the delta where life is still being lived in a more traditional fashion. He introduces us to the Lipovans, a group of Russian religious refugees who settled this region in the 18th century. We hear some of the complex issues with the region as it has changed to a UNESCO biosphere and some of the debates about how to use the area today.

We travel down the Danube to Sfântu Gheorghe where there are few cars and little tarmac, but there are beaches on the Black Sea coast covered with billions of shells and few tourists in the off season.

Listen to the sounds of the birds and the frogs as we take a small boat out into the Delta. If you thought Europe was all quaint old cities and sprawling new cities then the Danube Delta may surprise you.

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You may remember I e-mailed you two years ago (or not!) about a trip I had planned to California that got cancelled at the last minute due to a heart attack. Well now feeling better, I have just come back from visiting your home State and loved it. I used the podcasts on San Francisco, Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra Nevada to plan my trip. I didn’t get to Lassen this visit – the podcast I was waiting to listen to on the way out in 2014 – as I wanted to take things a little easier.

My three words to sum up California would be: waterfalls, weather and big. Waterfalls due to the number in the national parks I walked to; weather because how good it was in San Francisco while I was there and the trouble it caused my plans with roads over the Sierra Nevada being open or closed and Big because of the size compared to the UK, the huge sequoia trees (which I loved) 

Keep up the good work making these informative and entertaining podcasts.



Travel to the Danube Delta in Romania - what to do, see and eat in this UNESCO bio preserve

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