Travel to Flanders in Belgium – Episode 399

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Hear about travel to Flanders in Belgium from the Amateur Traveler.

I recently traveled to 5 cities in Belgium: Antwerp, Ghent, Ieper, Bruges, and Brussels. Each of these historic cities is wonderfully picturesque, even on a grey November day.

The main purpose for this trip was a press trip with VisitFlanders around the upcoming anniversary of World War I. I talk about some of the historic sites and events related to the Great War including the 150 cemeteries around Ieper, Belgium as well as its Last Post ceremony.

I saw 4 great museums that I will talk about:

  • Ieper – Flanders Field Museum
  • Antwerp – Ruben’s House
  • Antwerp – Red Star Line Museum
  • Brussels – Musical Instrument Museum

I also talk about the beautiful sites of Flander’s “Art Cities” including Bruges which is a UNESCO World History site. Here the bells of the clock town, the musical instruments of the Musical Instrument Museum and the bugle call of the last post in Ieper as we explore Flanders together.

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Show Notes

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  • Het Moment – Boterstraat 42 – Ieper
  • Jaloa – 4 Quai aux Barques – Bruxelles
  • The 11th Commandment in Antwerp, Belgium



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It’s my birthday!

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I visited the Musical Instrument Museum on my recent trip to Brussels and had a lot of fun. The building itself is interesting to see, due to its Art Nouveau style. The top level has a cafe and outdoor terrace with views over the royal quarter and as far out as the Atomium. You can take the elevator up to that level without paying the museum admission.



I visited the Musical Instrument Museum during my recent trip to Belgium. It’s a lot of fun, and worth visiting just to see the old Art Nouveau styling of the building. If you don’t have time to explore the museum’s collection, you can just get a free ticket to ride the elevator to the top floor, which has a cafe and outdoor terrace that gives views over the royal quarter and toward the distant Atomium.



I was in Belgium several months ago in Brussels. I was living in Hotel Berlaymont very closed to European Commission building. 2 km from central of the town. It was amacing journay via many many chocolates shops. Moreover the Cathedral was interesting and famous Atomium. My next trip to Belgium will be targeted on Gent, I heard that is the most beautiful and historical place in Belgium.

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