Travel to Geneva, Switzerland – Episode 546

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Travel to Geneva, Switzerland - what to do, see and eat (podcast)

Hear about travel to Geneva, Switzerland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Leyla Giray Alianak about the region where she lives.

Leyla says of Geneva, “It’s a wonderful city. Geneva is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. First of all, it’s at the very center of Europe. One of the things that people like about Geneva is that you can get out of it quickly. We have EasyJet here. We can fly out of Geneva to 56 different cities in Europe, In North Africa, or in the Middle East for maybe $80 round trip, pretty much all year.”

“Apart from that, there is a natural beauty of the city. It is absolutely gorgeous. It sits on a lake on two banks. It’s ringed by two mountain ranges. You have the Alps on one side, the Jura on the other. All along the lake, on the Swiss side and the French side, because the lake is divided in two, you’ve got picturesque villages. You’ve got the wonderful water fountain. It’s a safe city. It’s easy to get around. It’s got a beautiful old town. Geneva has chocolate, and that is not negligible.”

“It’s a city that has a lot of culture. On the history side, it’s a center of reformation and the chosen home of Calvin. There’s a huge museum of the Reformation that has just opened here. It’s also an international city in the sense of a humanitarian city. It’s called the capital of peace and freedom. It’s home to the UN’s European headquarters. It’s home to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. The UN refugee agency is here so is the agency for human rights. You got the headquarters of the World Wildlife Fund. The world’s largest particle accelerator is located here. ”

Leyla tells how and when to tackle this beautiful but expensive destination. We talk about special events like the medieval L’Escalade festival, the Fete de Geneve, and Geneva International Motor Show.

We take a walking tour around the lake as well as excursions into nearby towns like Gruyères and Carouge as well as Annecy and Chamonix in nearby France.

Learn where to get the best fondue, why you should try raclette, where you can find a more affordable meal or an extravagantly expensive one.

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Show Notes

Women on the Road
John Calvin
International Museum of the Reformation
CERN Tours (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Geneva Festivals and Events
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
UN Guided Tours
Broken Chair
Jet d’Eau
Mon-Repos Park
Bains des Pâquis
L’horloge fleurie (Flower Clock)
English Gardens
Travel to the Escalade – Geneva, Switzerland – Video Episode 66
Travel to Geneva, Switzerland (with soundseeing) – Episode 212
Fete de Geneve
Geneva International Motor Show
St. Pierre Cathedral
Chamonix, France
Annecy, France
H.R. Giger Museum
Bodmer Library
Maison Tavel
Smurf Buildings
Manora Cafe
Chez ma cousine
Auberge Du Lion D’or
Les Armures
Cafe du Soleil
Carouge, Geneva’s Alter Ego?
The Geneva Flower Clock and Other Snapworthy Sights


Leisl writes:

Can the theme song be downloaded as a ringtone? I know it could several years ago. I have recently updated my phone and would like to add it.

I don’t know that it can anymore but here is the song as an mp3

Amy writes:

Hi Chris! Long time listener; first time writer. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for making my exercise time fly by as I listen to your podcasts! My husband always knows when a new podcast is out, because I return from my walk and announce that “We have to add XXXX to our list of vacations!” Oh, also, I have a suggestion for a future podcast. How about the Algarve in southern Portugal? We are going on 2018 and would love listen to a podcast on it before! Happy Thanksgiving! Amy

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Travel to Geneva, Switzerland - what to do, see and eat (podcast)

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