Travel to Mozambique – Episode 505

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Travel to Mozambique. What to do, see and eat when you go there.

Hear about travel to Mozambique as the Amateur Traveler talks to Simon Lewis from about this long thin country in Southeastern Africa.


Simon has traveled to Mozambique twice, once just after the end of the civil war in 1997 and once more recently when he spent a month traveling from the North to the South.

He was inspired to travel to Mozambique after seeing an article in an in flight magazine that described the capital Maputo as the “Havana of Africa”, which he says “it definitely isn’t”. But he does say that “Mozambique is an amazing country because it’s so different from a lot of other countries in southern Africa. It was Portuguese for one. The only other Portuguese country in Africa was Angola. It had a long Civil War so it’s very under-developed. It has amazing beaches, amazing diving, beautiful archipelagos and islands and obviously a little bit of Portuguese flair in Africa which is pretty cool and amazing.”

Simon takes us to a number of beach locations including Praia do Tofo near the old Portuguese town of Inhambane in the South, Vilankulos with a local archipelago where you can sail on a dhow, Ibo island in the Quirimbas Archipelago, and his favorite the Ilha de Mozambique. While it is still difficult to get around in Mozambique, “people have built nice lodges in remote areas and eco-lodges aimed at diving and beach holidays.”

The Quirimbas Archipelago is old spice trading islands. Simon visited Ibo Island which “is amazing if you like a little bit of old Portuguese colonial culture. It’s basically derelict but they’re nice lodges on the island you can do dhow trips and diving trips and have a nice unique experience.”

Spicy food, old Portuguese lighthouses, beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets make up for bad roads and an economy that is still in recovery.

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Show Notes

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Quirimbas Archipelago
Ibo Island
Ilha de Moçambique
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Tete, Mozambique
Blood Diamond (film)
Mozambican Civil War
Casa do Ferro (The Iron House)
Polana Serena Hotel (Maputo)
fatimas-backpackers (Maputo)
Limpopo National Park
Ibo Island Lodge
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Algeria, Russia’s North Caucuses, Kosovo, Mauritania! Really enjoying the podcasts. Listened to the Sudan, Colombia, Medellin, Panama and Western Sahara episodes this evening. Great insights.


on Travel to Utah’s National Parks – Episode 503

Get ready for it to be HOT if you stay in Moab (a great base for visiting Arches and Canyonlands) in the summer. It was 95+ at 11PM when we visited in June. Dead Horse Point State Park is between the national parks and it has my favorite view of the Colorado River. No worries about the name: no horses, dead or alive, are in sight but we did see a family of coyotes. The episode was about national parks, but DHP state park is so close to Canyonlands Island in the Sky district that it makes sense to visit both when you’re in the area.

On our way out of Zion National Park, I noticed a pair of golden eagles landing near the road. I stopped to see them and noticed that the eagles were waiting their turn to eat a dead deer. They were waiting for a pair of California Condors to leave. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to expand the condors’ range so they released a pair, with tracking radios, in Zion. Wildlife sightings (elk, deer, coyotes, snakes, birds) are common if you stay alert. As dry as it is, it’s surprisingly teeming with animals.


Travel to Mozambique. What to do, see and eat when you go there.

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