Travel to New Jersey – Episode 398

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Travel to New Jersey - A One Week Itinerary (Podcast)

Hear about travel to New Jersey as the Amateur Traveler talks to Lisa Lubin from LLworldtour about her home state.

New Yorkers when they hear someone grew up in New Jersey stereotypically ask “what exit?”. Lisa says “I didn’t grow up near any exit. I am not near the Turnpike. I am not near the Garden State Parkway. So that will continue into my defense and battle about my home state and battle why it’s beautiful and it’s not always off of an exit.”.

Lisa comes on the show to introduce us to the pretty parts of New Jersey that many people don’t picture. The state is one-quarter farmland and one-quarter woodlands and filled with historic towns.

“As a lot of people know Jersey gets a bad rap, it’s sort of this outlying area of New York, between New York and Philly. So it’s not known for its cities except the industry and the parts near the river and near New York where there was industry, kind of started the industrial revolution. But anywhere that’s not near the two big cities is actually really beautiful. In general New Jersey has mountains and lakes and beaches and forests. One of my favorite things is the colonial feel. It is one of the original colonies. Obviously, it has a lot of history. There are many towns that I think are really beautiful that have these 17th century, 18th century main streets.”

“But I also think it is a very outdoorsy state which a lot of people might not realize. The Appalachian Mountains run right through the western part of New Jersey so there’s hiking and kayaking and camping. There’s even ballooning. I would bring friends to visit and they were very surprised how rural it was where I am from.”

We talk with Lisa about historic towns like Lambertville and Princeton. We talk about getting outdoors in the Pine Barrens, the Delaware Water Gap, and the Jersey Shore.

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Show Notes

New Jersey
New Jersey Tourism
Visit Princeton
Lambertville, NJ
Delaware Water Gap
Cape May
Atlantic City
Long Branch, NJ
Long Beach Island
Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Morristown, NJ
Route 206
Paterson, NJ
Red Bank, NJ
Randolph, NJ
Pine Barrens
Visit New Jersey


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Travel to New Jersey – Amateur Traveler Episode 398. What to do, see and eat in New Jersey.

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