Travel to Providence, Rhode Island – Episode 582

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Travel to Providence, Rhode Island - food scene, history and waterfire!

Hear about travel to Providence, Rhode Island as the Amateur Traveler talks to Tamara Gruber from and the Vacation Mavens podcast about travel to her other hometown.

Of Providence, Tamara says, “Providence is a great little city. So for people who are looking for a weekend getaway and are into food, into the arts, then Providence is a really good fit. It’s a very small but vibrant city, very progressive, very New England in that way.”

Tamara recommends any season but winter when there is not as much going on in the city. I

If you are coming over a weekend then she recommends finding a weekend when the city is having a WaterFire festival to see the cit at its best. WaterFire happens many times between April and September. A WaterFire event is an art installation of a hundred different bonfires lit along a river that goes through the center of the city. The bridges that cross the river are hung with chandeliers. They pipe in music to set the mood. There will be different street performers or dancers. Along the side of the river, you will find craft stalls. “It has a little bit of a Venetian feel and you can actually take a gondola along the river.”

She also recommends a stop at the museum of the Rhode Island School of Design. Providence has 3 Colleges or Universities that shape the city, the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University, and Johnson and Wales which has a very good culinary program that gives the city a good food scene.

The food scene extends to a vibrant food truck scene as you can find in Roger William’s Park. The park is named after the founder of Rhode Island who got kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for being a free thinker… at least by Puritan standards.

While you are in Providence, consider a side trip to visit the mansions of America’s captains of industry in nearby Newport, or visit a beach. or take a boat ride out to Block Island.

Take the time to get out on the water on a riverboat tour along the river in Providence where you can see the city from the water while learning about its history, or on a sailboat in Newport.

Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 states but it is worth a visit, if only a long weekend. Come have a Dell’s and a stuffy, find a perch along Waterfront Park, and watch the fun.

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Travel to Providence, Rhode Island - food scene, history and waterfire!

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John A Davis


I have seen bonfires, but I didn’t know about WaterFire festival. Upon hearing about it, I am intrigued to witness it myself.



I have been watching the tv show about Providence and now reading your blog I really want to visit. I would love to see the WaterFire festival. Not a far drive I am curious.

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