Travel to Qatar – Episode 530

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Travel to Qatar - Amateur Traveler Episode 530

Qatar Photos on this page were taken by Gary Arndt and are used by permission


Hear about travel to Qatar as the Amateur Traveler talks to Richard Parr from the Best In the World Podcast about this middle eastern country where he lived for 6 years in Doha.

Richard says “so many people fly through Doha airport with Qatar airways but no one ever goes through the doors to see what it has on offer. It is the kind of place where I would not recommend you go for a long holiday but I think if you were to go for 4 or 5 days there is plenty to do. If you like great weather there are certain times of the year you can relax and get a nice tan by a pool but you don’t want to go in the middle of Summer because it hits 50 degrees [Celsius, 122 Fahrenheit]. From the end of October to the beginning of May, the weather is beautiful.”

“They’re very big on their cultural sites. You’ve got the Museum of Islamic Art with lots of various artifacts from across the Middle East region.” The museum is on the bay in the Corniche area with a beautiful view of the city of Doha. For shopping, the Villaggio Mall has an experience like out of the Venetian in  Las Vegas with gondolas on indoor canals and shops that neither Richard nor Chris could afford. But they also have a modern Souq design in a more traditional style where you can buy your scarves or pashminas.

“There’s about 2.5 million inhabitants which is amazing because back in 1970 there were only about 100,000. The actual Qatareese are about 13% of that population so it really is an expat population.” There are a lot of Indians, Filipinos and other nationalities. “I didn’t really need Arabic in the country because there are so many people from around the world and most of them know more English than they do Arabic.”

Richard also takes us out of Doha to the Inland Sea near Saudi Arabia, to the north to a place where you can go kayaking among the mangroves and also to the desert where you can go four-wheeling. He also takes to some small out of the way but wonderful restaurants and to places where you can sit with the locals and have a sheesha. Come discover Doha and Qatar through the eyes of an expat.

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Show Notes

Richard Parr
Visit Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art
Katara Cultural Village
Villaggio Mall
City Center Doha
Carrefour Qatar
Souq Waif
MIA Park
Al Khor
Pearl of Beirut
Mangrove Kayaking Tours
Al Wakrah
Al Zubarah
Doha Corniche
Filipino Souq
West Bay
Aqua Park Qatar
Inland Sea
W Doha Hotel
Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel
Spice Market
Nasco Cafeteria
On Nasco
Qatar National Day
Chinglish Menu Items in Shanghai
Best in the World with Richard Parr


Scott sent me a picture of he and his significant other having a pint with Amber from who was our guest for a two part episode on London. She was there private tour guide for the day.

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Travel to Qatar - Amateur Traveler Episode 530

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