Travel to Amsterdam in the Netherlands – Episode 375

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Hear about travel to Amsterdam as the Amateur Traveler talks again to Erik Smith from

Erik returned to Amsterdam for the seventh or eighth time recently and continues to find the city just as “fun and vibrant” as he remembered. The Dutch has a lenient policy for what they consider victimless crimes like soft drugs and prostitution and Amsterdam in particular has a reputation with travelers based on what happens in the red light district. Erik guides us on an itinerary that does not shy away from that part of the city but takes a broader view.

Erik says that “Amsterdam is essentially in and of itself a museum. It’s got hundreds of great museums in it but the city itself is a remarkable city. It is not like Venice where it is completely pedestrianized, but there are canals that run all the way through it. The city itself is actually below sea level. It’s vibrant, it has a great art scene and so much culture. It’s one of those places that when you mention the great cities of Europe: London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam deserves to be mentioned right up there with the rest of those.”

Amsterdam has a number of great museums. Erik recommends two days for museums since you will probably have two days of rain anyway. The big three museums are the Rikjsmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk – Modern Art Museum. The Rikjsmuseum is the main national art museum. The building itself is a work of art. There other smaller museums like one dedicated to a house Rembrandt lived in. Erik recommends the Historical Museum and Archeological Museum. There are also some “only in Amsterdam” museums like the Erotic Museum and a Marijuana Museum. The I Amsterdam Card includes admission to many of the museums.

Other popular sites include the Anne Frank House. Plan ahead for your visit to avoid the long lines. But Erik also recommends some smaller neighborhoods and courtyards like Spui, Begijnhof and the Albert Cuypmarkt. Even if you aren’t looking for drugs or sex Erik does recommend the architecture if not the spectacle of the red light district. Also visit the unexpected Our Lord in the Attic hidden church the rd light district.

Erik recommends seeing the city by bikes which is a very Dutch thing to do in addition to the nearly mandatory canal boat ride.

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Show Notes

Erik’s Website
Van Gogh Museum
Stedelijk – Modern Art Museum
Rembrandt Museum
Historical Museum
Allard Pierson Museum of Archeology
The I Amsterdam City Card
The Anne Frank House
Albert Cuypmarkt
The Red Light District
De Oude Kirk
Our Lord in the Attic, Amsterdam
Keukenhof Gardens
Flower Market
Aalsmeer Flower Auction
Holland: The Original Cool
Coorie ten Boom Museum
Dutch Cuisine
Café Gollem
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by Chris Christensen

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Bruised Passports


I couldn’t have agreed more Chris- Amsterdam is definitely up there with London, Paris, and Rome



The national art museum is called ‘Rijksmuseum’.

The Offbeat Adventuress


I agree, you don’t have to go looking for culture in Amsterdam, it’s all around you. Have you ever been to Rembrandt’s house? That’s a small museum in Amsterdam I haven’t made it to yet.

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