Travel to Baden-Württemberg in Germany – Episode 559

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Travel to Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the German state of Baden-Württemberg as the Amateur Traveler, Chris Christensen, talks about his recent press trip there to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the bicycle.


I was just in Mannheim, Schwetzingen, Heidelberg, and Karlsruhe on a biking based trip to celebrate 200 years since the inventor of the first bike Karl Drais set out from Mannheim to Schwetzingen. He only made it 7 km before turning back, but we had advantages over him like pedals, rubber tires, GPS, and two different German bike routes.

Mannheim was also later where Karl Benz invented the first automobile, which looks more like a 3 wheeled motorized bike. We visited the Technoseum in Mannheim which celebrates these inventions and others.

We took a bike tour of Mannheim which included a ride by the lovely Luisenpark, the palace of the Wittelsbachs (2nd largest baroque palace in Europe), the Jesuit church, and a stop at Eis Fontanella for another Mannheim invention, spaghetti ice.

In Schwetzingen, we visited the summer palace of the prince-electors, with its beautiful and extensive gardens.

We visited the ruins of the castle in Heidelberg, the university library, and the old student prison.

Karlsruhe is the birthplace of both Karls Drais and Karl Benz. It was built as a planned city in the shape of a fan and Thomas Jefferson was so impressed by its design that he sent sketches of the city to the designer of Washington D.C.

These 4 cities in Baden-Württemberg make for a great smaller vacation or the start of a larger one. After visiting them, you could continue along the Burgenstrasse to see other castles, palaces, and walled towns. Or you could continue to head south into the Black Forest or east into France. Come see why these 4 cities have much to offer tourists, whether or not you are on a bike.

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Show Notes

Frankfurt Airport Train Station
Leonardo Royal Hotel Mannheim
Luisenpark Mannheim
Karl Drais
Karl Benz
House of Wittelsbach
Eis Fontanella
Manheim Castles and Palaces
Schwetzingen Castles and Palaces
Heidelberg Castles and Palaces
Martin Griffiths – Tour Guide
Frederick V of the Palatinate
Heidelberg Castle
Karlsruhe Tourism
Karlsruhe ZKM
Baden Baden
Oberlaender Weinstube – Restaurant
Hoepfner Burghof – Restaurant
Der Europaische Hof Heidelberg – Hotel
Hotel Eden – Karlsruhe
Roter Ochsen (Red Ox) – Restaurant in Heidelberg
Photos of Mannheim
Photos of Schwetzingen
Photos of Heidelberg
Photos of Karlsruhe


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Travel to Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Podcast)

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Ann Yungmeyer


So well done! Love how you include a good amount of history and detail while hitting the highlights! Still dreaming of those Schwetzingen gardens! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Kit Bernardi


Great informative and entertaining podcast, Chris. Your listeners will feel like they are peddling right alongside you!



thanks Ann and Kit!



Woow, this looks really amazing,
This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

Keep posting,
Kind regards

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