Travel to Bali in Indonesia – Episode 237

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Sam Oppenheim who makes a rare 4th appearance on the show to talk about Bali in Indonesia.

Sam started his exploration of Bali in Ubud which is the cultural capital of the area. He met two of the people mentioned in the popular book Eat, Pray, Love: Wayan and Ketut Liyer.

In Ubud, he attended some of the traditional Balinese dances (Legong, Barong, and Kecak). Sam explored the Hindu temples and the resort area of Kuta Beach with its famous nightlife, dove a shipwreck, and explored the island by motorcycle. Sam’s does regret was not getting down to Nusa Dua on the southern tip with its wonderful sunsets or out to Komodo.

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Show Notes

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One Response to “Travel to Bali in Indonesia – Episode 237”

Ren Robles


I listened to this podcast mainly because I was planning a trip to Bali, and wanted to know what to see there. After listening to your interview with Sam, I’m convinced that Ubud is going to be worth it. I’d already recently done a “backpacker party” trip (to Vang Vieng, Laos, which Sam skipped – yes, I listened to your Laos podcast with Sam as well), so Kuta wouldn’t be that big for me. (Sure, it’d be weird to go to Bali without hitting the beach, but then again, I live in Southeast Asia, so I can always go back…)

The photos in the enhanced version are great, and I’m looking at Sam’s photos on his website now.

Thanks for this (surprisingly timely) podcast, and cheers for Sam for being a great guest again!

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