Travel to Bodrum, Turkey – Episode 271

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Uluç from Indianapolis, originally from Istanbul, about his trips to Bodrum, Turkey.

Bodrum is a popular Turkish beach resort but has been receiving tourists as long as there have been tourists. It is the home to the ruins of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is also the site of a 15th-century crusader castle which includes a museum of underwater archeology.

Uluç encourages us to adapt to the slow pace of Bodrum, stroll its markets, linger at its cafes and done forget to take a sail on a gullet from its harbor.

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Show Notes

Cevat ?akir Kabaa?açl?
Bodrum Castle
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
The Classical Antique Theatre of Bodrum
Kara Ada
Bodrum Bar Street
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Halikarnas “The Club”
Hadigari Night Club
Nightlife in Bodrum
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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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3 Responses to “Travel to Bodrum, Turkey – Episode 271”

Natalie - Turkish Travel


I have just done a road trip around the Bodrum Coast. Fantastic. Just pressed play though on the above and nothing coming up. How do i get it to show?



Sorry, my hosting provider did not release the show on time, it is there now.



I was sent the following:

This is Kadri from Istanbul, my wife and I were your guests on Seychelles Episode. Your podcast makes commuting to work easier in Istanbul traffic. I also would like to thank Uluç for Bodrum episode. Actually this episode gave my the opportunity to write to you and to thank you again for the great work and effort on this podcast.
Uluç said that Bodrum for some reason was very romantic. Actually, especially for Turks (and thousands of mostly english tourists) it’s considered as a romantic getaway as well as a great party town with a boheme life due to many turkish artists who spend summers in Bodrum or who moved there for good.
I know that everybody are not history buffs like you are but I want to add a couple comments about Bodrum museum of Underwater Archeology located within Bodrum castle. The exhibitions of Karian Princess and Uluburun Shipwreak are a most see if you like archeology. Karian Princess’s tomb is found within the city center of Bodrum (actually under a taxi station) during a construction job. It’s the tomb of a noble lady who was buried with her belongings and golden jewelery. The face was restored from the bones so now, we can see what she was like at 400 BC face to face with her wax statue. Uluburun Shipwreck is a late 14th century BC shipwreck of the Late Bronze Age period discovered by a Turkish Sponge Diver in 1982. It is special as it was a trade ship carrying goods from all over Mediterranean Civilisations of the time. You can find more details at museums web site
But funniest part is that as many tourists were expecting underwater action such as underwater tunnels instead of 3500 year old glass work, amphoras and shipwreaks the museum management had to place attached plates all over:)

Also you were right about Bodrum is being one the main ports of Blue Travel. Also the Fisherman of Halikarnassus was the first pioneer of the Blue Voyages, and openned the door for blue travellers with his novels. Also another pioneer Sadun Boro, first Turkish man to travel around the world by sailing still lives in Bodrum and keeps his guidebook about the stops of blue travel well updated.

Another port is Marmaris further east where my father has a goulet and do charter trips. In order to travel to as many places as I can, I try not to repeat my trips. Well Blue Travel is an exception. We try to repeat at least it every other year. Although the webpage needs some improvement you can find details of our boat in web page .

Best regards and thanks again for the great show.
Kadri, Özlem & Deniz Buldanl?

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