Travel to Budapest, Hungary – Episode 607

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Travel to Budapest, Hungary - What to Do, See and Eat (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Budapest, Hungary as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jennifer Dombrowski from about her trips to the city.

Jennifer says, “I have been there about 5 times. It was a really easy drive when I used to live in Italy. My husband and I used to go about once a year. It’s one of our favorite European cities. Budapest is a really great city to go to because not a ton of tourists are going yet and the prices are really good. There is really good food. You do have luxury hotels but you can also find really good deals on places like apartments to stay in. I don’t stay in hostels but I know there are really great hostels. If your younger and want to go out there are the different room bars and there’s a good nightlife scene but if you are a little bit on the older end of the spectrum you can go to a wine bar or a dinner cruise on the Danube River.”

Budapest is the capital city of the central European country of Hungary. Jennifer starts us near the castle in the Buda side of the river and bids us not only to explore the castle but also under the castle where you can find caves, a labyrinth, and a hidden wine cellar. She says you should also visit the Gellert Spa on that side of the river.

On the Pest side of the river, she recommends a visit to one of Budapest’s famous bathhouses, like the large Széchenyi Medicinal Bath. You should also visit the iconic and beautiful parliament building which sits on the river. Jennifer says it is even more beautiful inside.

Jennifer also recommends a visit to the Great Market Hall as well as a few of her favorite cafes. and restaurants.

For museums, she recommends a visit to the House of Terror Museum which talks about both the fascist and communist regimes and the Hungarian National Museum.

She talks about a day trip outside the city to the historic town of Visegrad with its beautiful castle overlooking a bend in the Danube River. Vlad Dracula was imprisoned in this castle, so this may be the real Dracula’s castle. You can combine a trip to Visegrad with Szentendre. Szentendre has a quirky Marcipán museum as well as a wine museum.

Come hear more about this important city in central Europe and see why it should be on your itinerary.

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Show Notes

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Szechenyi Baths
Gellert Spa
Faust Wine Cellar
Cafe Ruszwurm
Caving Under Budapest
Labyrinth of Buda Castle
Great Market Hall Budapest
Visit Budapest
House of Terror Museum
Hungarian National Museum
Memento Park
Natural History Museum
Things to Do In Budapest
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Travel to Budapest, Hungary - What to Do, See and Eat (Podcast)

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10 Responses to “Travel to Budapest, Hungary – Episode 607”

Cesur Gezgin


my number 1 destination 🙂



Another thing in Budapest is Roma Aquincium. Its a small easy to miss train stop, but contains ancient Roman ruins. Its probably the oldest spot in the city and has a giant well.



Budapest seems to be quite an amazing place to go to. Simply brilliant!

Rebecca Horwitz


Budapest has a very long, important Jewish history. I would like to know where to go to learn about this.



I would go to the Dohány Street Synagogue which houses a Jewish Museum.



Budapest has a vibrant neighborhood called Jewish Quarters. There is a gigantic synagogue and local Kosher cafes all over the place. There is also a memorial remembering the sorrows. Presently, many ruin pubs have opened up there.



Budapest is a great place to visit. Been there many times. Thank you for the podcast.



You are most welcome Patrick



Budapest is one of my favorite cities. I was surprised to hear no mention of the Art Nouveau buildings (it’s worth hiring a tour guide just for those buildings if you have any interest in the period). Also both the Dohány Street and Orthodox Synagogues are worth seeing. Some of the museums are a bit disappointing, but I like the Museum of Applied Arts and the Southeast Asian Gold Museum (if open), and you shouldn’t skip the Terror Museum.

It is not true that the Gellert baths are all indoors, there are three outdoor pools although I think they close for the winter. It is also not true that the Szechenyi are the oldest, there were Turkish baths in Budapest well before Szechenyi was built. Looks like the Veli Bej Turkish bath (formerly Császár) claims to be the oldest.

Szentendre may be cute, but it was already overrun by tourists when I went in 2004. Back then you could go by train or boat. Gödöll? palace can also be reached by train and should be less crowded.

BTW, be very sure that you have the right tickets for public transport. The ticket inspectors in Budapest are notorious, especially on the metro line under Andrassy ut.

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