Travel to Estonia – Episode 186

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Tallinn Estonia

The Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Jeanine Barone about Estonia.

Estonia is a small forested country with picturesque islands, medieval fortifications, a thriving design community, a great restaurant scene, and a young and vibrant culture.

Estonia only recently regained its independence from the U.S.S.R. (1991) but is thriving and filled with innovation. This interview, like all the Amateur Traveler interviews, was recorded with Skype… which is headquartered in Estonia.

We talked about hotels, restaurants, guide books, wine bars, and chocolate.

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Show Notes

J The Travel Authority – Jeanine Barone’s blog
Tallinn, Estonia
Estonia official tourism site
Kumu – Estonian Art Museum
Three Sisters Hotel – upscale hotel in Tallinn
Hotel Telegraaf – upscale hotel in Tallinn
Restaurant Tchaikovsky in the Hotel Telegraaf
Restaurant Ö (closed)
Restaurant Controvento
Reet Aus – fashion designer
Restaurant Bonaparte for chocolate and pastries in Tallinn
Chocolaterie – chocolate delights in Tallinn
Nami Namaste – bed and breakfast with Italian cooking lessons on Muhu island
Restauarant Gloria – winebar
Stereo – night spot
What to see in one day in Tallinn


Travel News – Swine Flu Cruise, Bird Magnet, $9 Airline Tickets, Cops On Flights

  • Australia orders ’swine flu ship’ to remain at sea as more cases confirmed
  • Bird magnet? Trash depot near LaGuardia called bad idea
  • New low-cost airline targets smaller markets


Boondoggle to Cozumel
Meetups in San Francisco in June? Chicago last weekend in July? New York City Dec 22nd?
The London Eye, London, England – Video Episode 48

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

10 Responses to “Travel to Estonia – Episode 186”



I was in the Baltics last May. Comparing all 3 Capitals, I’d say Tallinn is the prettiest, best preserved and most atmospheric of the 3.

And yes, the youth and energy of the place did strike me too.

I was surprised your guest didn’t mention the staples of Baltic food – Potatoes, Sour Cream and Dill.



I don’t think this was mentioned in the show, but the picture in this post (and the normal podcast) is of the Orthodox Cathedral on Toompea – the fortified hill of the Old City.

Your guest could’ve mentioned the face that launched a billion packets (the world’s first cyber-attack on a country) – Pronkssõdur (the Bronze Soldier). But it’s quite out of the way now, and in a quiet part of the city, so it may not be advisable to go there alone and certainly not after dark.

I also visited the University town of Tartu, which your guest didn’t mention at all. It might’ve been better to have 2 episodes – one on Tallinn and one on the rest of the country!



It might have been better to have two episodes… but there are so many other places to talk about also. 🙂

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Estonia is a great country! I have been there several years ago and it surprised me..Thank you for writing about this beautiful country!

Heather on her travels


I’ve vsited Tallin & also some of the countryside & I love it there – Tallin is so beautiful in the old town & Jeanine was right to mention the artistic and entrepreneurial talent there.

With regard to your question about taking the complimentary press trip to Yukatan you mentioned, I wouldn’t even hesitate. Look on it as a perk in return for the huge amount of free content & enjoyment you’ve given your listeners, for the times when you’ve given up your weekends or worked late to produce a show, for the headaches & technical hastles that you’ve had to work through, and for the funds that you’ve had to put into maintaining the site, with little back in return.

I know, I’ve been there and I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a press trip in July which I’m so excited about. It’s a sign that the travel world is waking up to the power of bloggers and online media. Just make sure you’re a good ambassador & write loads about your trip so that the company hosting you sees the benefit and invites more of us out to Mexico. I’m next in line!

Gerry Borden


Thanks for this episode. My wife and I will be taking the NCL cruise of the Baltic capitals in August and this gave us a bit of the flavour and areas to consider while off the ship.

We truly appreciate your show and your style of interview. Thank you, and keep up the great work.




Oh yes please go to the Yucatan – we’d love to hear about it. What generates more content and incentivises your continuing the show can’t be bad (as long as there’s a disclaimer)

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wow – the guest was really an unbearable snob! The political correctness was stifling. I dare to say that CC was feeling the same. Ignore the pompous advice, and go enjoy this beautiful country.

Si @ thedepartureboard


Hi Chris, Catching up on old shows. Another fascinating show about a country I’ve yet to visit. I enjoy exploring Hanseatic countries the architecture is always stunning, especially Bergen in Norway.

I’ve added the link to The Bloggers Guide To The World.

Kind regards, Si

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