Travel to Extremadura, Spain – Episode 368

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Hear about travel to Extremadura in Spain as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sam from about living and working there.

Extremadura is a lesser-known region in southwest Spain on the border with Portugal and adjacent to Andalusia, Madrid, and Castilla. Sam lived in the city of Mérida for 3 months teaching English.

“If you are into Roman history you should definitely go to Extremadura because there is a hell of a lot of Roman history there. Merida was the capital of the Roman province of Lusitania. It was one of the wealthiest cities in the Iberian peninsula. Unusually for Spain, it has a lot of Roman ruins right in the center of the city. Merida was founded in 25 B.c as Emerita Augusta. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site”. Merida was founded by veterans who had served Caesar Augustus.

Standing in the Teatro Romano in the middle of town Sam says “you can definitely imagine how it was in Roman times. It’s quite impressive.” Sam also visited the crypt of Saint Eulalia of Mérida who is the patron saint of Merida and was an early Christian martyr there under the Romans.

But the most impressive of the Roman ruins in Merida may be the Acueducto de Los Milagros, the Aqueduct of Miracles which is the second more complete of the Roman aqueducts in Spain. “You can see storks, which are a symbol of Extremadura. nesting on the pillars .” The aqueduct is itself another UNESCO World Heritage site.

Throw in Roman baths, a Roman circus, a temple to Diana, Roman festivals, and a lively central plaza, and Merida proved to be a wonderful city for spending a few months.

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Roman Theater, Merida
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Eulalia of Mérida
Acueducto de Los Milagros
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Hidden Gem: Merida, Spain


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Travel Man


I bet anyone who traveled to Extremadura would have an absolute beautiful time. I have frequently traveled to Spain and have often heard of the place but, have never gone. It’s definetly on my list of places to go.

Sue Sharpe


I’ve lived here, in Extremadura,(Alange), for six years now and I’m so pleased that it’s starting to get recognised as a tourist destination. Anyone who visits is in for a real treat!

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