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Hear about travel to Fiji as the Amateur Traveler talks to David Brodie from Travel in 10 about his trip to this Island Paradise.

David says “of all the places I have been around the world, Fiji is one of the ones that really drew me back. On one of my first big international trips, I stopped over there on a flight to Australia. I spent 3-4 hours in the airport. I got to see what an amazing looking place it was but did not get to experience any of it. Years later I was on a round the world cruise where we sailed through Fiji so again I got to see it in the distance but again not experience it. This was my 40th birthday, I wanted to take a big trip somewhere around the world. If I could have gone anywhere Fiji was the place.”

David and his family flew into Nadi and spent some time at the beautiful resorts in Port Denarau. “The one thing I would say about Port Denarau is that it is a great place after you have taken a long flight to spend a couple of days and acclimatize yourself before going out and exploring the rest of Fiji but it is certainly not the place where you would want to spend your entire trip. You really don’t get to experience much of the real Fiji there.”

From Port Denarau, they rented a car and driver which was cheaper than renting a car. “We went up to an amazing place called the Nausori highlands in the interior of the main island just a little bit north of Nadi. You get up there and it is very remote villages, still the majority of people there living a subsistence lifestyle in very traditional thatch housing. We had an opportunity to visit one of those traditional villages, drink cava which is one of the traditional drinks there, experience some of the local food, visit one of the local schools. We went to this amazing waterfall, crystal clear warm water that you could swim through.”

Of the more than 300 islands in the Fiji Archipelago, David and his family got to see about 20 of them during a two-week stay. “We did a boat trip which took us through a series of islands, the Mamanuca Islands, the Yasawa Islands, which are absolutely spectacular. When you think of a South Pacific paradise this is exactly what you imagine: crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, just amazing culture and incredibly friendly people.”

Their cruise was a 7-day cruise with Captain Cook Cruises, a small format cruise ship with 150 passengers. “If there was a highlight of the trip that cruise experience was it. It is almost as though the further you get away from Port Denarau the more you get to see of the real culture of Fiji and the more of that picture postcard type beaches and islands that you had imagined as well as you get off in these remote locations. Really interesting cultural experiences along the way.”

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trippy logo Answer my travel question on and I will read my favorite responses on next week’s episode. This week’s episode: Where is the most remote beach you’ve ever gone to in the world?

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Show Notes

Travel in 10
Fiji Travel
Nadi, Fiji
Port Denarau
Nausori Highland Tour
Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool
Malolo Island
Captain Cook Cruises
Mamanuca Islands
Yasawa Islands
Waya Island (YouTube video)
Yasawa Flyer Ferry
Yasawa Island Resort
Sawa-I-Lau Caves


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Sarah writes about Japan:

You were right – I did love Kamakura! It was a fantastic day filled with shines, temples, the beach and ending with a beautiful sunset view of Mount Fuji from Enoshima Island. Thanks so much for suggesting it to your listeners πŸ™‚

I also spent 4 days in Nagano Prefecture during my time in Japan, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it as a destination. I think it is often overlooked as a side trip from Tokyo (most people seem to go to Kyoto or Osaka), but it is such a beautiful and special place. The incredible mountains, onsens, delicious food, and kind people made it an unforgettable visit. I even visited a 100 year old Wasabi farm! If one of your travel peers ever happens to pitch it as a future episode – I say go for it πŸ™‚


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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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Leo Thai


Thank you for your interesting story, Chris
Not everyone dares to drink cava with the locals. I’ve heard that it does not contain alcohol, but it is very unpleasant to the taste.

P.S. You have a pretty busy life!!!



To be fair, that was David who went to Fiji. They don’t let me out of my little podcasting closet πŸ˜‰



Hi Chris, I heard and read a lot about Fiji. The good write ups about this place was the reason why its in my bucket list. Is it budget friendly to travel solo?

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