Travel to Gdansk, Poland – Episode 554

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Travel to Gdansk Poland - A One Week Itinerary (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Gdansk Poland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Roma and Russell from about travel to this historic and beautiful city on the Baltic coast of Poland.

Roma and Russell started exploring Poland last year and “developed a love for Poland as a whole and particularly enjoyed our trip to Gdansk”.

Gdansk is a historic city. It started as a Polish city but has occasionally been a Prusso-German city (Danzig). It was part of the Hanseatic League in the late middle ages and was the home of the Solidarity movement during communist times.

“In terms of architecture, it’s quite different from the rest of Poland. For a one-week itinerary, the first thing you would want to do is familiarize yourself with the old town, Cobblestone streets, some really interesting colorful architecture. It is comprised of several medieval-style streets, most of which were reconstructed after the Second World War because Gdansk suffered quite a significant amount of damage. But it’s still remarkably authentic when you wander around.”

Start at the long market street, which is capped with medieval gates. See the beautiful town hall, which is now a museum. One of the more unusual features of the old town is the medieval Gdansk crane which was powered off what looks like a human-sized hamster wheel. St Mary’s church is the 3rd largest brick church in the world.

They highly recommend a trip to the Solidarity Museum. This port town can easily be considered the first domino to fall in a series of events that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Another interesting stop is the amber museum.

For day trips outside of Gdansk, they recommend Sopot which is a small seaside city and spa resort, or Westerplatte which was the site of the first battle in WW II. We also highly recommend a visit to Malbork Castle which is the largest brick castle in the world and the birthplace of Prussia.

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Show Notes

Roaming Required
Gdansk Tourism
Gdansk Old Town
Long Market
St. Mary’s Church
European Solidarity Centre
Gdansk Shipyard
Museum of Communism
Checkpoint Charlie Museum
Three Crosses Monument
The Crane
Malbork Castle
Amber Museum
Uphagen’s House
A Stroll Through Old Town
The Solidarity Museum


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Travel to Gdansk Poland - A One Week Itinerary (Podcast)

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