Travel to Guna Yala, Panama – Episode 610

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Travel to Guna Yala, Panama - A Small Boat Cruise in Remote Islands (Podcast)

Hear about travel to the Guna Yala region of Panama as the Amateur Traveler talks to Lynn Smith from about a small boat cruise in these remote islands.

Lynn says, “we are going to talk about going to Panama, the city of Panama City and not spending any time there but moving very quickly to the coast and spend 5 nights aboard a charter boat and enjoy the Guna Yala islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama. We’re looking for some fairly untouched reefs off the coast of Central America. It’s easy to get there. You can get away from it all and enjoy some quiet time aboard a boat.”

The Guna Yala islands are administered by the indigenous Guna people who are known for fishing and for their colorful textile art. You can spend some time interacting with the Guna people in on of their villages, on a waterfall hike, or just interact with the boat people who get you to your vessel and with the daily fruit boat.

Some of the many islands in the Guna Yala are probably smaller than your house or apartment. There are many islands to explore that are uninhabited. Snorkeling the reef is nearly mandatory but scuba is prohibited in the area.

This vacation is one where you come and disconnect in a tropical paradise. Hear about this sun-drenched tranquil corner of Panama.

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in iTunes by bhorn12000 from USA

I’ve been listening for years and I still love it. Chris would be enjoyable to listen to no matter what he was talking about, a rare skill in podcasters. But the fact that his content is always interesting and engaging makes it oh so much better. He picks the greatest places to talk about and the best guests to interview. But most of all, he knows just the right questions to ask to make the location they are discussing come alive. Thanks Chris for all the great content you have produced. I am looking forward to hearing what is next.

Cuong wrote:

Hello from Sai Gon (Vietnam). I’m an English learner. I bumped into your site while i was looking for sites to learn English and needless to say, it’s amazing and helpful. i not only learn about English but also have a great time to listen to travelers’ experiences and stories. thank you so much

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4 Responses to “Travel to Guna Yala, Panama – Episode 610”

Robin Day


This trip sounds exotic but very doable! We’re thinking of taking our two teenagers to the Guna Yala and staying on a boat for a week, instead of on an island which is what we first considered. The idea of seeing different islands is very appealing! Thank you Chris for expanding our horizons.



You are most welcome



This info made me plan my next trip to Gunayala, Panama.
Thank you for sharing such a nice info

Sandra Weller


Please, as beautiful as the San Blas islands are… do NOT go on a sailing boat! The local Kuna government does not permit tourists to work in their country and waters and since there is not a single sailing boat operated by Kunas but always by foreigners, doing sailing cruises in San Blas is ILLEGAL!

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