Travel to Haiti – Episode 455

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Bassin-Bleu Waterfall - Jacmel, Haiti

Hear about travel to Haiti as the Amateur Traveler talks to Daniel Noll & Audrey Scott from about travel to this rather ignored Caribbean country.

Dan says, “If you are looking for something offbeat or unusual, meaning its not the first place you would choose to travel to, Haiti is an excellent destination. It’s a fascinating destination and it’s one of those places you really don’t have any sense or understanding of until you actually go there.”

Audrey adds, “It’s one of those places where you feel this raw emotion. It’s a bit spiritual. It has its voodoo practice (which is something very unknown to me and also different from what you see in Hollywood movies), an incredible artistic expression and some of the art is just very off the wall. On top of the culture and the people it also is a beautiful country. It has the coastline, it shares an island with the Dominican Republic, and it also has the mountains. And that’s something for us that was a complete surprise. We had done our research and we knew the word Haiti meant ‘land of mountains’ but we didn’t realize it was just layer upon layer upon layer of mountains. We were fortunate to spend 3-4 days in the mountains.”

Dan and Audrey traveled to Haiti with G Adventures. G Adventures had been asked to evaluate the tourism potential of the island nation and became so interested that it starts its own tours in the Spring of 2015. “If you want to go ahead of the popularity curve, I think we are going to see a lot more development of tourism in Haiti and that’s probably going to, hopefully for the better, change some of the face of Haiti. At the same time I think that the things you see now, and the interactions you have with the people there, are going to be beautifully raw.”

From fruity drinks by beautiful beaches to hikes in the rugged hills, from old palaces to caves, and from museums to national parks Daniel & Audrey explored this beautiful if intimidating (from the outside) country. Come hear why they consider Haiti one of the destinations “you are probably not considering but you should”.

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Show Notes

Uncornered Market
Haiti Travel & Leisure
Offbeat Travel Destinations
Volunteering in Haiti
Atis Rezistans
Citadelle Laferrière
Sans-Souci Palace
Caves of Haiti
Pic La Selle
La Visite National Park
National Museum of Haiti
G Adventures
Highlights of Haiti
Tour Haiti (site not in English)


comments on Travel to Mumbai, India – Episode 454

We flew through India on the way to Nepal. A very seasoned traveler (100+ countries) and I (40+ countries) both didn’t want to get out of the airport. Nothing of India interested us. Now, after listening to the podcast, regret not taking taking the time to see it. Perhaps we will make it back one day.
Who knew???
– Tom

I’ve been listening to the Amateur Traveler for many years now (go check out the Lagos episode, everyone, cos I’m the guest on that one) and I like every episode, but I particularly loved this one. I think it’s because Stephanie seems to have the attitude to travel that I have (or wish I had), and spoke more of experiencing Mumbai than trudging mindlessly from one identikit museum to the next. Plus Mumbai is a city I would love to visit; I’ve been to India before, but not to that part of the country.
– David

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Great podcast: #Travel to #Haiti … with @umarket via @chris2x! “You have to try #pickliz when in #Haiti” #foodie



Curious about Haiti? We chat about our recent trip with @gadventures on @amateurtraveler –

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